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(* Spreadsheet: fix Paste from context menu)
(* Graphing: "Statistics" summary for Min / Q1 / Median / Q3 / Max)
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* Classic 5: fix for <code>ggbApplet.getValueString()</code>
* Classic 5: fix for <code>ggbApplet.getValueString()</code>
* fix <code>beta()</code> for negative inputs
* fix <code>beta()</code> for negative inputs
* Graphing: "Statistics" summary for Min / Q1 / Median / Q3 / Max
==6.0.602.0 (not released yet) ==
==6.0.602.0 (not released yet) ==

Revision as of 09:30, 2 September 2020

All releases will include the latest minor bugfixes and translation updates.

Releases are not simultaneous on all platforms and not all platforms will get all versions (online and Classic 5 will often get an earlier release)

6.0.603.0 (not released yet)

  • Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.getValueString()
  • fix beta() for negative inputs
  • Graphing: "Statistics" summary for Min / Q1 / Median / Q3 / Max

6.0.602.0 (not released yet)

  • Symbolic Input Boxes: add option for Serif
  • Fix Input Box -> Position
  • Spreadsheet: fix Paste from context menu

6.0.601.0 (not released yet)

  • new syntax for aligning text Text( <Object>, <Point>, <Boolean for Substitution of Variables>, <Boolean for LaTeX formula>, <Horizontal alignment [-1|0|1]>, <Vertical alignment [-1|0|1]> )
  • CAS: fix for Solve({tan(58°)=s/(50-t), tan(47°)=s/t},{s,t}) (crashing bug)
  • CAS: fix for Integral((exp((-(x^2))/((sqrt((1-1/10)))^2))),x,-1,1.7) (internal fix for approx answer)
  • CAS: fixes for Integral(sqrt(tanh(x))), LimitBelow(floor(x),1), Solve({x^2+2*x*y-y^2=-32,-3*x^2-2*x*y+3y^2=32},{x,y}), Length({(1,2,3),(4,5,6)}), Solve(22044=6000+264*((x+1)^(60)-1)/(x)*(1)/((x+1)^(60))+7000*(1)/((x+1)^(60))), Limit(sin²(x)+cos²(x),x,∞), |x|^0.8==|x|^(4/5)
  • fix for memory leak


  • fix RandomPointIn( <Conic/Circle> )
  • Intersect( <Curve 1>, <Curve 2>, <Parameter 1>, <Parameter 2> ) working for 3D Curves
  • "Use text as Caption" to allow dynamic captions for Input Boxes


  • CAS: RemoveUndefined() and IsInteger() implemented


  • fix for ggbApplet.reset()


  • fix for dropdowns not closing on click
  • Improvements for pasting LaTeX into the Algebra Input and Input Boxes
  • new command RemovableDiscontinuity() for rational functions (also for previews)
  • Notes: new Table Tool
  • Editor: SVG export, evalLaTeX() added, event for <Enter> / focus lost added
  • Chrome: copy image to clipboard working


  • fix for Inverse polygons
  • fix for \left\langle


  • fix for plotting eg f(x)=ln(44)
  • 3D: fix for rotating the view on touch


  • log(x) now gives log_10(x) not ln(x)
  • fix for eg sin(x)^cos(x)
  • extra parameter added toggbApplet.getValueString("f", false) to make sure output isn't localized
  • fix for sliders with 1° increment


  • 3D: new tool Surface of Revolution
  • Graphing: make sure complex * complex works again
  • fix for \\n in Input Boxes
  • fix for Polygon(A,B,3,plane) when A and B are 2D points
  • Notes: new Equation tool
  • Complex i displayed better in Input Boxes and LaTeX texts


  • Delete Tool won't now delete fixed objects in Activities


  • better parsing of expressions without explicit multiply eg f(p,q)=sin(pq)
  • fix for Input Boxes sometimes disappearing on <Tab>
  • new parameter to set button's border colors eg "buttonBorderColor":"#ff00ff"
  • Graphing: Length(list) working again
  • Graphing: Equation shown for Line(A, B) again
  • Symbolic Input Boxes working for conics, implicit curves and quadrics
  • Now built with GWT 2.9
  • Android: fix bug with undo (R8 compiler bug)


  • Classic 6: fix for re-opening settings (mostly iOS)
  • Classic 6: make sure random numbers aren't updated when CAS is loaded
  • fix for angle not being shown when it's from Element(list,1)


  • Suite (beta): now on www.geogebra.org/calculator
  • remove unnecessary API calls


  • Classic 5: "Apply Template" will also apply default styles to existing objects
  • fix for symbolic Input Boxes disappearing on touch
  • fix for FormulaText("\Rho")
  • JavaScript listeners preserved over a redefine
  • GeoGebra 6: fix installer where username contains a space
  • fix for Input Box cleared on full-screen button
  • improved plotting for eg ln(x)
  • bugfix for drawing grid with "positive only" axis
  • better parsing of expressions without brackets eg sinsinsinx
  • Classic 6: brackets added when <Space> typed after function name
  • pi replaced by π in Input Boxes
  • 3D Calculator: Snapshot button in AR Mode
  • Android 10: offline saving fix


  • fix bug with numbers being turned into sliders
  • Classic 5: fix bug with dragging drop-down lists



  • Classic: fix for native keyboard appearing on iOS 13.3.1
  • CAS App: sliders and vectors working
  • Classic: fix for eg ggbApplet.evalCommand("$1:f(x)≔x^2")
  • make sure InputBox1+"" and FormulaText(InputBox1) work properly
  • fix for undo/redo with symbolic Input Boxes
  • (non-symbolic) Input Boxes linked to numbers now show numeric-only keyboard on Android / iOS


  • make sure output line shown for FitLine() etc again
  • Web: fix for #&¬ key
  • Android: fix keyboard closing problem on HTC phones


  • Graphing: same in exam and non-exam (construction features removed)
  • More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including Vectors and the type can't be changed by typing "bad" syntax)
  • Bugfix: ggbApplet.setFixed() no longer triggers OnUpdate scripts
  • RandomElement({1/2,1/3,1/4}) works better


  • fix position for LaTeX captions on Checkboxes
  • More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including editing column vectors, fix for resizing problems and syntax errors kept)
  • fix bug with objects getting "stuck" as undefined
  • fix bug with background not being redrawn at the correct size
  • fix bug with Input Boxes grabbing an answer from another Input Box


  • HTML5: fix bug with trace


  • Graphing Calculator: Measurement, Transformation and Construction Commands and Tools disabled https://www.geogebra.org/m/shfwqcpr
  • More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including editing matrices, lines & planes)
  • Classic 6: fix "double name" problem in spreadsheet
  • Editor: "preventFocus": false option added
  • fix for IsInRegion() in webSimple


  • new command CASLoaded()
  • Improvement for random numbers being updated on redefinition (eg when Input Box contents changed) - random numbers should be defined in their "own object" to take advantage of this


  • Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.registerAddListener()
  • Classic 6: fix for eg SetPerspective("S")
  • Symbolic Input Boxes working for eg f(x,y)


  • Input Boxes are empty rather than showing ? for undefined linked geo
  • iOS 3D: fix for crashes on small screens (eg type x)
  • Alignment option for Input Boxes
  • CAS Calculator: more commands added: Invert(), NSolutions(), Sequence(), ReducedRowEchelonForm(), Substitute(), Sum(), Transpose(), RemoveUndefined(), Tangent()


6.0.558.0 (iOS only)

  • CAS Calculator: fixes for eg f(x)=


  • CAS App: first official release
  • <Tab> Selects Input Box contents
  • "Symbolic" option for Input Boxes
  • fix rounding in Input Boxes


  • GeoGebra 6: <Alt>/ for backslash (for eg Dutch keyboards)
  • fix for NaN in Input Boxes instead of ?


  • PDF Export fix for background image / traces
  • fix for Point(function, slider) when the function is undefined
  • fix for problem with Input Boxes not updating in Graphics View 2

6.0.551.0 (not released yet)

  • make sure Complex numbers with zero imaginary part are reloaded correctly
  • Editor: improvement for eg sin²(x)


  • Limit max polynomial degree to 1000 (affects eg Coefficients() command)
  • Android: support 64-bit devices
  • Android: better sign-in method (for Google)
  • Graphing: make sure dy/dx button uses NDerivative() not Derivative()
  • Classic 6: Settings -> Algebra -> Increment missing
  • Classic 6: Support for Raspberry Pi 4 (with working 3D View!)


  • fix for function variable changing in Sequence(Integral(f, a, b)...
  • Android: fix Google login (from v547)
  • GeoGebra 6: Simplified Chinese: commands can be typed in Chinese or English


  • fix AttachCopyToView() for Rays
  • CAS: fix eg Simplify((x^2+2*x+1)/((x+1)^8))
  • 3D: fix for Surface()
  • ChromeOS: GeoGebra Classic now a packaged app


  • Classic 5: fix for JavaScript error ("java.lang.String")


  • 3D: fix extrude from polygon
  • CAS: fix for Solutions(x^2=a)
  • fix for horizontal panning glitch


  • CAS View: fix for Solve(8/(p^(-4000*x))=6,x) and Integral(sqrt(x+sqrt(x)))
  • fix for GeoGebra Scripts on Android/iOS
  • ZoomIn() working for 3D View (non-dynamic)


  • add dummy ggbApplet.isExercise() which returns false
  • LaTeX: stretch tables with eg \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{1.2} and \renewcommand{\tabcolsep}{3pt}


  • AR: create and move points
  • 3D View: SetViewDirection() now works when axes ratio is not 1:1:1
  • CAS View: fix for Sum(Sum(n*m*(1/2)^(n+m),n,0,∞),m,0,∞)
  • CAS View: add Sort() and IsDefined()


  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE(y'=sqrt(x),(1,1))


  • CAS App: support for undefined variables
  • Classic 5: fix for alert() in JavaScript


  • fix for eg 5*10^(-2)
  • fix for <Tab>ing to zoom buttons
  • 3D View: fix for "ghost" objects
  • Graphing / Geometry: new API call ggbApplet.setPerspective() and also notifications from registerClientListener() when the user changes the views
  • Android: improvement for function plotting


  • Scientific: fix for reciprocal button immediately after a fraction
  • fix for eg π8
  • Better highlighting for buttons
  • fix for ∞*(-∞)
  • CAS View: fixes for Solve({ exp(x^2 + y^2) =8, exp(x^2 + y^2)=8*y^2},{x,y}) and {{-1, -2, -2}, {-ί, 1-2ί, -1-ί}, {ί, -1+ί, 1+2ί}}*(1,0,0)
  • Android / iOS: "Trace" and "Point Capturing" options added


  • Classic 5: fix for large tool icons
  • Corner(-1,13) returns scales for x, y, z axes
  • improvement for f(x)=(3/2)^x, f(-1)
  • GeoGebra 6: make sure more decimal places (minimum 5) are used when editing an expression
  • Editor: fix for ÷ immediately after log₁₀(x) and for eg 3|x|
  • LaTeX: fixes for eg v_{1}'^{2} and @{\hspace{3.7 mm}}
  • Geometry: "Fit to Zoom" preserves aspect ratio
  • new default labels for equations eq1, eg2, ...
  • CAS View: fix for eg Vector[(x,y,z)] = Vector[(1,2,3)]


  • fix SlowPlot()
  • GeoGebra 6: fix problem when text is re-edited (text dialog stuck open)
  • missing 180° solution for eg NSolutions(4 sin³(x) cos(x) -6cos²(x) sin(x))


  • bug fixes


  • 3D View: Corner(-1, 12) gives screen left-to-right direction in 3D view coords
  • Statistics Calculator: fix for problems entering eg 0.01, 1/60
  • Consistent Greek font added for keyboard
  • fix for auto-sliders eg y=mx+c
  • fix bug with a((?,?)) for quadratic inequalities
  • Graphing: "Table of Values" working for conics eg y=x^2


  • fix for missing letter M on Portuguese keyboard
  • Function Inspector: fix for min/max


  • 3D View: fix for saving/loading fixed grid distances
  • fix for Reflect(penstroke, object)


  • bugfix: Table View works when embedded
  • CAS View: fix for Solve(x^3+2x^2+15x+2>0) (offline only) and Numeric((exp(-LambertW((-1) / 2 ln(2),-1))),15)
  • Classic 6: adjust font size in the CAS View properly
  • Graphing / Geometry: Invert(matrix) working again


  • CAS View: fix for Numeric(0.99999874^16500)
  • CAS View: fix for Solve({d,e},{x,y}) and Solve({d,e,f},{x,y,z}) where d, e, f are Conics /Quadrics defined in the Algebra View
  • Keyboard: accents added to Portuguese keyboard
  • Classic 6 Image Tool: webcam option working on iOS, and uses the rear camera (where available)


  • fix for font style for axes labels
  • Editor: make sure log_10 is displayed properly
  • 3D: improvements for creating solids (create regular polygons in 3D View, create cube from square, tetrahedron from equilateral polygon, etc)
  • 3D: STL Export dialog
  • Chrome: update Image Tool for new API
  • Exam: make sure output from eg FitGrowth() is shown


  • Chrome: fix problem in full-screen mode


  • Graphing / Geometry: Table View
  • Safari: fix problem loading multiple activities
  • Safari: make sure full-screen is native screen resolution
  • Graphing / Geometry: fix for eg Length(sqrt(x),1,4)
  • CAS View: fix bug with Quadrics & Coefficients(conic / quadric) works
  • Editor: fix for eg <AltGr>a
  • new algorithm for ConvexHull()


  • Parallel and Perpendicular Line Tools working for linear functions
  • Better highlighting for checkboxes when they have the focus
  • CAS View: fixes for Solve({A=a+b*c/(b+c) , B=b+a*c/(a+c) , C=c+a*b/(a+b)} , {a,b,c} ), Product(list of matrices) and Zip(Mod(k, 2), k,{0, -2, -5, 1, -2, -4, 0, 4, 12})
  • Input Boxes: use $\math{x}$ in Caption for "proper" math x
  • Android 4.4: fix for Universal Links
  • iOS: fix for eg FitExp() in exam mode
  • Graphing / Geometry: make sure Asymptote( <Function> ) returns undefined not {}
  • Point on curve a defined as a(slider) is draggable


  • Checkboxes: use $\math{x}$ in Caption for "proper" math x


  • New language "Kannada"
  • GeoGebra 6: make sure εv = (1, 2) makes a Vector not a Point
  • CAS View: fix for N(t) := 0.5^t, t>=0 then N'(1.5) in Numeric Mode in eg German
  • bugfix: make sure Sequence((t,t),t,1,5) works as a drop-down list
  • fix for ComplexRoot(x^6 + 7x^3 - 8)
  • new API method to insert an image eg ggbApplet.insertImage("","(0,0)","(1,0)","(1,2)");
  • "Special Points" Button moved to 3 dots menu
  • Classic 6: fix for missing keyboard row on iPad Pro 2018



  • fix for stdev() / stdevp() problem


  • Support for Lambert's W function LambertW(x, [0|-1]) eg Solve(2^x=3*x)


  • fix for Tangent(Point, 3D curve)
  • new command ReadText( <Text> )


  • choose correct particular solution for SolveODE(f, A)
  • Scientific: make sure pi/3 is displayed as a decimal


  • CAS: fix for Integral(1/(tan²(x) sec(x))


  • fix trace for filled Curves
  • fix for eg Sequence(k°, k, 0, 360, 30) Sequence(cos( Element( l1, k )), k, 1, 5 )
  • make sure setting labels works for eg a = RigidPolygon(poly1)
  • Exam mode: don't allow fix/unfix for functions, conics


  • fix for touchscreens with Chrome 70+
  • fix for eg ((x + 1) / 41 + 0z = y / -16,(x + 1) / 41 = (z - 3) / a) becoming undefined after a = 0
  • fix for Asymptote(x^(-2n)) and Asymptote(log(f(x))
  • LaTeX: fix for \Epsilon
  • Splines: fix export to PSTricks / PGF and fix problem with closed splines
  • Graphing/Geometry: fix "Clockwise" button on iOS


  • fix for clickToLoad parameter


  • LaTeX: fix for \orange{\longrightarrow} B
  • fix for scaleContainer parameter


  • fix for plotting eg f(x) = x^3


  • fix for eg π(7)
  • LaTeX: fix for \lim in italic
  • Improvements for zeta(x) (speed and accuracy)
  • bugfix: stop slider animation when it's dragged
  • New syntaxes for SetPerspective() to open and close individual views eg SetPerspective("+D"), SetPerspective("-D")
  • CAS: fix for Factor(Factor(x^2-2))
  • 3D: STL export has correct thickness for infinite cylinders and cones


  • Improvement for Limit() eg Limit(If(x<-1,x+2,-1<=x<=1, 1,1<x<2,x^2,4),-1)
  • Graphing: FitLine tool outputs in form y = mx + b
  • new App Parameter "preloadModules":"" to load certain parts of GeoGebra as needed
  • macOS: Fix for crash when setting spherical coords
  • LaTeX: fix for /text{} with multiple spaces at the start of a line after \cr
  • Graphing / Geometry: Universal links working for Android and iOS eg https://www.geogebra.org/geometry?id=Ufd5ZUEs https://www.geogebra.org/graphing?id=Ufd5ZUEs


  • 3D Android: small fixes for ARCore



  • more LaTeX commands added: \unicode \xleftrightarrows, \xrightleftarrows, \xleftharpoondown, \xleftharpoonup, \xleftrightharpoons, \xleftrightarrow, \xrightharpoondown, \xrightharpoonup, \xrightleftharpoons, \xhookleftarrow, \xhookrightarrow, \xmapsto, \xlongequal
  • LaTeX: MHChem syntax supported via \ce, \mathchoice, \mskip, \lower, \raise, \mkern
  • CAS View: make sure result from Unique() is sorted
  • Editor: fix for typing eg f'(x)/2, cos⁻¹(x)/2
  • Graphing / Geometry: allow display form of lines and conics to be changed (dependent only)
  • Graphing / Geometry: fix for Intersection Tool with functions
  • fix for \text{big space -> <-}


  • label outlines removed for exporting
  • Spreadsheet: fix for pasting in applets
  • CAS View: fix for Append(3, {4, 5, 6})
  • Editor: fix for f′′ and f'/2


  • LaTeX fix for ç and \c

6.0.501.0 (not released yet)

  • LaTeX: fix for \begin{cases}...\end{cases} and ogonek (\k a)
  • CAS: fix for Integral(nroot(x^3,5))
  • Q1 and Q3 commands renamed to Quartile1 and Quartile3


  • new version of LaTeX renderer (many improvements including fixes for \cellcolor, \char and \raisebox)
  • Classic 6: fix for custom color button
  • CAS View: fixes for Integral(1 - tanh(x), 0, ∞) and IFactor(x^4 + 1)
  • GeoGebra CAS Calculator first release


  • fix for saving mean(1,2,3,4)


  • Graphing / Classic: Default rounding changed to 10 decimal places
  • GeoGebra 6: make sure pre-loaded fonts are used
  • fix for parsing eg f(x)=x(sqrt(x))
  • Support for Degrees/Minutes/Seconds syntax eg 1°23′45″
  • IE11: LaTeX fix
  • iOS: fix for splashscreen
  • new "short" forms of some commands: mean/stdev/stdevp/mad


  • GeoGebra 6: fix for LaTeX fonts


  • macOS: fix for ^
  • Classic: fix for show/hide grid on iOS


  • nCr() introduced as new short version of BinomialCoefficient()
  • fix for Download As... menu


  • Graphing: fix output for eg Dilate(f, 2, A)
  • Fix problem with page scrolling up
  • Bugfix for \mathbb


  • fix for texts' On Click scripts
  • Classic 5: fix for rescaling axes



  • Android / iOS: List Tool
  • fix bug saving conics in "Conic Form"
  • Classic 5: fix for displaying subscripts in the Algebra View


  • GeoGebra Classic 5: fix for \tfrac and \raisebox


  • GeoGebra 6: fix for missing grid color/line style options
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix on iOS for "doubled characters" in old Input Bar


  • bugfix for Simplify()
  • 3D View: STL export
  • make sure eg a_1 isn't autocreated if a_{1} exists


  • fix for Curve() in 3D View
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: make sure <Ctrl>D works in the Spreadsheet
  • GeoGebra Classic 5: fix Unicode encoding problem in Construction Protocol
  • Name(Element(list,1)) works - useful for Execute()


  • fix for loading translations
  • fix for moving images with the arrow keys

6.0.483.0 (Windows Store only)

  • ZoomIn(): fix bug with wrong order of arguments


  • Classic 5: fix for disappearing objects eg SolveODE(y / x,(1, 2))
  • Make sure random numbers aren't updated from Input Box entry
  • fix for Zip() for parametric curves
  • new api methods ggbApplet.getConstructionSteps(boolean breakpoints), ggbApplet.setConstructionStep(int n), ggbApplet.previousConstructionStep(), ggbApplet.nextConstructionStep()


  • Classic 5: fix for dragging drop-down lists
  • fix for y² = (x² - a²) / x²


  • fix for RigidPolygon()
  • Classic 6: fix app size problem on iOS
  • use , as the axis unit to enable comma as thousands separator
  • fix for Navigation Bar


  • fix for eg Circle((0,0,0), 1, x=0) so that x=0 is always interpreted as a plane
  • change display for inverse trig functions to sin⁻¹(x), cos⁻¹(x), tan⁻¹(x)


  • improve disable3D parameter
  • Classic 6: fix for disappearing Data Analysis View
  • Classic 5: Probability and Data Analysis Views open "docked" by default


  • Classic 5: bugfix for size of fixed Buttons
  • Classic 6: new option: Download As -> Construction Protocol (html)
  • Graphing: fix for missing output row
  • Classic 6: fix for exam mode


  • Classic 6: Allow non-adjacent columns to be selected in the spreadsheet (Ctrl-Click)


  • Symbolic (CAS) commands disabled in the separate Graphing / Geometry / 3D Apps
  • Improve PGF/PSTricks export for 3D objects wholly in 2D view (Points, Lines, Conics)
  • fix b = a for quadrics
  • New command SetDecoration( <Object>, <Number> )


  • Classic 6: Input Boxes line up exactly when editing
  • When moving eg a polygon with the arrow keys, use the "Increment" of the first defining point
  • Make sure eg Ctrl-Shift-A is disabled when enableRightClick = false
  • CAS View: new matrix commands JordanDiagonalization(), Eigenvectors(), Eigenvalues()
  • Classic 6: fix image export on iOS
  • Tablets: Make sure keyboard appears again for Input Boxes


  • Algebra View: fix for Integral( x sqrt( 1 + cos(2x) ) , 0 , pi / 2 )


  • Statistics View: fix for Histogram -> Set Classes Manually
  • CAS View: fix for Solve(((-a sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + (a - x)²)) / (sqrt(a² + x²) sqrt(a² + (a - x)²))),x)
  • Make sure preview points aren't shown in Classic
  • FormulaText(svgImage) now works (HTML5 only)


  • fix for Asymptote(2^x / (2^x - 3^x))
  • fix for truncation in iframes
  • CAS View: fix for reloading MidPoint() / Center()
  • Mobile: fix for plotting eg y = x sin(x) then x^2 + y^2 = pi^2


  • 3D View: small fix
  • HTML5: loading conflict fixed


  • improvement for Rotate((0,1),90deg,(0,0))
  • make sure Input Boxes stay as planes eg for x + y = 1
  • make sure text is read out after SelectObjects(a)
  • iframes: fix for gap on right
  • Classic 6: export compressed PDFs


  • Classic 6: Download as -> Activity as Webpage
  • CAS View: new command Assume( <Condition>, <Expression> ).
  • Classic 6: fix for missing toolbar when loading files
  • Screenreader support for drop-down menus


  • Whiteboard: fix toolbar
  • Classic 6: fix for loading LocusEquation()


  • 3D View: fix for IntersectPath() when the z-axis is rescaled
  • new command MAD( <List> ), MAD( <List>, <List> ) for Mean Absolute Deviation
  • CAS View: improvement for sqrt(x - 1) * sqrt(x - 2)
  • SetAxesRatio(a, 1) now keeps the y-axis fixed
  • fix for Sequence(Intersect(a, Element(L_1, i), 2), i, 1, 9)
  • fix for Translate(inequality)


  • Editor: fix for eg |x|/3
  • Make sure the full-screen button always appears in the right-hand view
  • Bugfix for for using + to move a point on a path
  • Bugfix for loading activities with custom tools


  • Chrome: fix for exporting large images


  • CAS View: fix bug with NSolve Tool eg Sum(T/2^n, n, 3, 10) = 1500000
  • CAS View: fix for UnitVector(Vector((1, 2, 3)))
  • GeoGebra 6: fix for Ubuntu 18.04



  • CAS View: fix for sinh(1)+cosh(1) == exp(1)
  • Firefox: fix problem with iframes


  • CAS View: fix for UnitVector(Vector(1/3,1/4)) and UnitVector((1/3,-1/4))


  • CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for eg A'(x) = 0
  • CAS View: improvements for eg Factor(1+ln(x) + 2 ln(y)) and Expand(ln(3x^5))
  • Graphics View: support currencies as axes unit £ € $ ¥ ₩ ϯ ₫ ₪ ₮ ₨ ₹
  • bugfix: Make sure + and - keys work for moving Point(path) again
  • Load toolbar icons asyncronously
  • HTML5: fix decimal point display bug


  • Fix for disappearing objects when preview points calculated
  • Custom Toolbar working in the new UI


  • CAS View: improvement for log_10(100)
  • fix for InversePoisson()


  • fix mean and variance for Pascal Distribution
  • fix scaling problem


  • 3D View: fix for preview
  • fix for saving a=b for conics
  • fix for resizing


  • 3D View: fix for opacity of circles in lists
  • improvement for plotting eg Derivative(|x|)
  • fixes for ⊕ (XOR)


  • make sure keyboard is shown for tool dialogs
  • new command IsTangent( <Line>, <Conic> )
  • GeoGebra 6: fix LaTeX preview in Text Tool
  • Create image with pic1 = ExportImage("view", 2, "corner", A, "corner2", B)
  • CAS View: Improved answer for eg Solve(sin(x) = sin(2x))
  • Selection Rectangle not shown for images (if toolbar hidden)



  • CAS View: fix for Sum(RandomBetween(0,1),t,1,20)
  • GeoGebra 6: Export multi-page PDFs with ExportImage("type", "pdf", "filename", "test.pdf", "slider", n)


  • Graphing / Geometry / 3D: fix for start-screen on mobile
  • fix for wrong decimal point


  • GeoGebra 6: new "Export Image" dialog
  • Add width / height attributes to SVG files automatically if necessary
  • Improvements for integrating piecewise functions
  • Better control when dragging the slider on "automatic" increment


  • GeoGebra Classic 5: fix for misshapen LaTeX letters in SVG / PDF export
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for toolbar disappearing on file load
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: load SVG files with drag'n'drop
  • iOS: fix for FitSin()
  • API: ggbApplet.getRounding() added


  • CAS View: fix for PerpendicularLine( <Point>, <Vector> )
  • GeoGebra Classic 6 (online): fix for a=Integral(ℯ^(-x^(2)),-∞,0)
  • speedup for definite integrals of piecewise functions
  • open context menu in Graphics View with <Shift>F10 or <Menu>
  • 3D View: thinner axes
  • Editor: fix for (3|4) and ⊗ (cross-product)


  • fix for Integral(x (x - (exp(x) - exp(-x)) / 2 / ((exp(1) - exp(-1)) / 2)))
  • fix for moving vertical sliders


  • fix for integrating piecewise functions


  • CAS View: add InverseNormal()
  • CAS View: LeftSide() and RightSide() working for inequalities
  • Dragging fixed background (on touch) will scroll the whole page
  • GeoGebra 6 (offline): <Ctrl><Shift>C will copy an image to the clipboard


  • fix for CopyFreeObject(centered image)
  • fix for pasting eg (⌊x⌋^2 - ⌊x⌋)/2 + x ⌊x⌋ - ⌊x⌋^2


  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for PDF Export (macOS)
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for Korean in editor
  • GeoGebra Classic 5: Show reinstall message instead of error (for "500" error on Login, File -> Share, File -> Open from GeoGebra)


  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for redraw problems on iOS with dropdowns
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: PDF export will include Graphics View 2 as a second page
  • CAS View: fix for f(x) := π x


  • don't show recovery dialog for embedded applets
  • fix for Input Boxes on mobile (small screens)
  • fix for loading bad syntax If(a, {1}, 0)
  • fix for freeze typing y=x after drawing polygon


  • new syntax SlowPlot( <Function>, <Boolean Repeat> )
  • Android: fix for crashing when dragging


  • Graphing Calculator / Geometry: fix for Android 4.4


  • fix for ! in editor
  • fix for centered images

6.0.433.0 (not released yet)

  • new command InteriorAngles( <Polygon> ) (used by the Angle Tool for Polygons)
  • SetColor() and SetBackgroundColor() accept hexcodes in the form #AARRGGBB and #RRGGBB eg SetBackgroundColor(text1, "#80FF0000")
  • fix for Sequence(1, 2, 0.1)
  • fix for redrawing LaTeX after fonts loaded
  • fix for dragging Polygons
  • WIndows .exe installer now deletes "jre" folder to ensure proper upgrade


  • make sure "Create Slider" dialog doesn't appear for Input Boxes
  • fix for on-screen keyboard in Norwegian


  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching language to eg Chinese
  • Fix for loading from Google Drive


  • Editor: fix for multiply sign (\cdot)
  • Editor: fix for pasting / typing quotes


  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for "?" in CAS View
  • Spreadsheet View: fix for Points not appearing when Create List dialog closed
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching to Norwegian


  • fix for rename dialog opening when using the Text Tool
  • GeoGebra Classic 5: bundle with Java 8 to fix File -> Share problem
  • fix for Tangent() for functions using acos(), atan()


  • Android Classic: split screen mode disallowed
  • Use = not for Conditional Functions
  • 3D View: fix for drawing planes when axes are rescaled
  • new command ExportImage() eg ExportImage("type", "svg", "filename", "myimage.svg"), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "width", 1000), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "scalecm", 1, "dpi", 300)
  • Spreadsheet View: fix preview for List Tool
  • Statistics Calculator: state now saved in .ggb file


  • HTML5: fix for CAS View not working


  • Android: fix for Special Points


  • Edge: fix for CAS View


  • fix problem with preview points
  • iOS: fix problem with f'


  • Automatic preview points
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for icon size in Construction Protocol
  • GeogebraSans-Regular and GeogebraSerif-Regular fonts removed
  • CAS View: fix for Edge browser
  • CAS View: fix for {1, 2} * {3, 4} and 3 / {1,2,3}
  • CAS View: make sure UnitVector(), PerpendicularVector(), UnitPerpendicularVector() return a vector not point
  • fix for exporting images


  • fix for bug with SetValue() and undo


  • Firefox: fix for SVG Export
  • Algebra View: LaTeX and Presentation MathML can be pasted
  • CAS View: fix for Division(2a^2+2a+1,a-1)
  • CAS View: fix for Sum(Element({1,2,3,4},k),k,1,4)


  • Classic 6: white outline for labels
  • webSimple: fix for keyboard shortcuts
  • Exporting: improvement for when Export_1 and Export_2 are off-screen
  • CAS View: improvement for Simplify((7^4)^(1/9)-(7^(1/9))^4)
  • 3D View: fix for rendering on iPad


  • CAS View: fix for Mod((x⁴ + 2x³ + 3x² + j x + k),x-1)
  • default for applet parameter useBrowserForJS changed to false


  • Native Apps: fix for app not loading on Android 5.1
  • Graphing / Geometry / 3D: fix for Edit menu getting stuck
  • 3D View: form for spheres can be changed eg x^2+y^2+z^2+4x-2y-8z=4, (x + 2)² + (y - 1)² + (z - 4)² = 25


  • Classic 6: fix for stopping recording to spreadsheet
  • CAS View: fix for Solve(3*4^(x/5)=48)
  • fix for arg(?)


  • 3D View: optimizations for multiple segments/polygons (especially for Edge browser)
  • Algebra View: asin(),acos(),atan() respect the degree/radian setting
  • improvement for function plotting on wider screens
  • Classic 6: fix export in Data Analysis and Probability Calculator
  • fix for Point(Locus)
  • Classic 6: make sure the editor works better in the CAS View for long inputs


  • Classic 6: fix for exporting SVG/PSTricks/PGF/Asymptote
  • Classic 5: fix for starting on Linux


  • CAS View: fix for LeftSide({a,b}={1,2})
  • CAS View: small improvement for Simplify(x^(5k)*x^(2*k+1))
  • Algebra View: fix for g(x)=f(x) / c in symbolic mode
  • Classic 6: fix for lines in PGF / TikZ export


  • fix for Sequence(Surface(...
  • fix problem with missing faces from eg cube
  • CAS View: improvement for Simplify(x^(8*k+9)*x^(5*k))
  • CAS View: fix for plotting Integral(f, 1, 2) and IntegralBetween(f, g, 1, 2)
  • Editor: fix for typing eg x|x|


  • Classic 6: fix for Spreadsheet "Create" menu


  • fix for ggbApplet.getPNGBase64(1, 72, true) for transparent images with dpi set


  • Classic 5: fix file saving bug
  • Classic 6: PDF Export


  • 3D: new user interface


  • Classic 5: fix for PDF export with images/hatching
  • fix for inverted checkboxes in "View" menu


  • Midpoint tool works for Polygons (to give Centroid)
  • fix for ZoomIn(-5, 5, -4, 4)
  • Native apps: Quick stylebar: tap on object to quickly change color, point or line style, etc.
  • iOS Native Apps: New tools: Create Slider, Angle with Given Size, Segment with Given Length, Regular Polygon, Circle with Center & Radius, Rotate around Point, Dilate from Point, Relation


  • more slider styling options
  • CAS View: ToBase(), FromBase(), IndexOf() implemented
  • fix for saving the style of eg Intersect(fun1, fun2, a, b)


  • fix for pasting subscripts eg 11111/n_2
  • make sure SVGs optimized


  • fix for TableText[]


  • CAS View: Factor(equation) now supported, eg Factor(x^2+x=x^2-1)
  • Classic 6: use SVGs for tool icons
  • automatically change sin(15) to sin(15°) (in degrees mode)
  • new Point Style option "without outline"
  • "Relative Position" allowed for Input Boxes


  • fix for Integral((144 + 9.81² x² - 24 (9.81) x sin(40°))^0.5,0,1.81)
  • fix for selection rectangle disappearing (so can't export selected region)
  • make sure regular "i" works in Input Box linked to complex number
  • fix for FormulaText[$1] rounding to 15sf
  • new options for pictures: "Center Image"
  • Spreadsheet: make sure fixed objects can't be edited
  • new embedding options for styling buttons:

"buttonRounding": "0.7", "buttonShadows": true,


  • fix for "fixed to grid" for polar


  • fix for www.geogebra.org/graphing and www.geogebra.org/geometry on iOS
  • polar grid can now be any integer fraction of π


  • CAS View: fixes for Solve(-(1.4)^(n-1)32=-1000), Area(x^2+y^2=r^2), Area(polygon)
  • CAS View: fix for Solve(f(x)==g(x)) when f is a result of Tangent()
  • dpi setting in getPNGBase64() and writePNGtoFile() now works (but slow)
  • GeoGebra Classic 6: SVG Export working
  • Polar Grid: now allows any multiple of π


  • CAS View: fixes for Integral(sqrt((-3*a*cos(x)^(2)*sin(x))^(2)+(3a*(sin(x))^(2)*cos(x))^(2)),0,pi/2), Integral((x^4-3x)/(x^3+22x),cbrt(3),8) and Simplify(atan(3^(1/3)/sqrt(7))+5)
  • GeoGebra Classic 6 (offline): fix for 1/(x y) in the CAS View


  • fixes for F(t,x)=Integral(sin(x)*sin(t-x), x)


  • fixes for Korean in editor


  • fix for exporting with LaTeX axis labels
  • SVG images supported in buttons
  • new parameter "showSuggestionButtons":false
  • fix for minor axis ticks
  • fix for Dropdowns being drawn as bold randomly


  • Syntax Text($1) now works
  • CAS View: fix for h(x)=f(x)^2 h''(x)
  • fix for saving increment for Points
  • 3D View: fix for dragging to extrude


  • fix for dragging in Chrome 61 when page is scrolled
  • fix for f'(x) for eg sin(a x)
  • fix for objects with opacity 1 (on loading)


  • brand new Graphing Calculator and Geometry Apps
  • 3D View: SetAxesRatio( <x>, <y>, <z> ) working
  • fix for renaming with _ and '
  • Algebra View: Solve equations: exact and numeric
  • Special points for functions: roots, min/max, intersections
  • Classic: fix for plotting quadrics on macOS
  • By default lists are now named L, L1, L2 ,... not list, list1, list2 ,...



  • bugfix: make sure macro object eg Hexagon(G_8) can be moved with the arrow keys
  • just one "zero" shown at the origin
  • new full-screen, home and zoom buttons
  • new parameters "showZoomButtons":true,"showFullscreenButton":true,


  • fix CSS clash with Advanced Properties


  • Curvature( ) works with 3D curves
  • SelectObjects(InputBox) sets the focus
  • fix for FormulaText[FormulaText[FormulaText[... problem
  • Math Calculators (offline only): Better CAS Engine eg exact answer for sqrt(ί)

6.0.378.0 (beta only)

  • new language Xhosa / isiXhosa
  • fix for extra gridline with positive direction only axes
  • Beta: fix for file loading


  • CAS View: fix for "Copy to LaTeX"
  • Default brackets for commands changed from eg ZoomIn[] to ZoomIn()


  • fix for ZoomIn[ ]
  • Make sure point can't be dragged off eg If[1<=x<=5,x]


  • fix for RectangleSum[] with b < a
  • fix for WebCam preview size
  • fix for Slider dialog with on-screen keyboard
  • minor grid lines


  • new command Coefficients[ <Quadric> ]
  • fix for Greek keyboard


  • fix for preview in desktop eg Extremum[x^2 exp(x)]


  • Thai keyboard working
  • new command: Tangent[ <Conic>, <Conic> ]
  • eg f(1+ί) works


  • fix for font size on Retina screens


  • Editor: Allow | to close an abs() block
  • Classic: make sure "Graphics View 1" checkbox isn't checked for 3D objects
  • Spreadsheet: make sure "Algebra Descriptions" works
  • Korean: working with physical keyboard
  • faster versions of Div[], Mod[], Division[] for polynomials


  • boolean XOR operator (⊕ or <Alt>+) added
  • Editor: Korean working in the Input Bar with the on-screen keyboard
  • Android Native Apps: 'ABC' keyboard option added for non-Latin alphabets
  • Editor: fix for x*sqrt(x) and 5≥(2/3*x+5/3)
  • CAS View: improvement for eg NIntegral[sqrt((2*(cos(2*x)))^2+(3*(cos(3*x)))^2),x,0,2*pi]
  • new parameter preventFocus


  • <Space> to toggle slider's animation
  • 3D Calculator: different axis scaling allowed
  • Keep scripts when object redefined
  • Angle Tool: can now draw over images
  • bugfix for saving images used by macros
  • Android / iOS: Fix for logging on with Google
  • CAS View: not and implies operators added (¬, →)


  • make sure keyboard hidden in Geometry Calculator


  • Web: new keyboard
  • Axes shown at edge if off-screen
  • Captions now support %f for definition and %d for description
  • fix for label position (going off-screen)
  • Images supported in dropdown lists, eg list1 = {pic1, pic2, pic3}


  • fix for scrolling problem when dragging sliders
  • Spreadsheet: fix for cell borders


  • Korean working in the new editor
  • fix for spurious multiply sign in f(x)=If[3<x≤5,x^(2)]
  • Beta: Export to OpenSCAD format for 3D Printing
  • fix for Mirror[xAxis, plane]


  • new functions fixed by default
  • proper implementation of \longdiv, eg FormulaText["\longdiv{12345}{13}"]
  • Fix for <Ctrl>V in the spreadsheet


  • PNG Images working in TableText[ ]
  • fix for position of right-click menu in worksheets


  • fix for Intersect[ curve, curve]
  • fix for objects not being updated with Custom Tools
  • fix for focus in old Input Bar


  • LaTeX: remove all Cyrillic ligatures
  • Android: local saving
  • fix for SetValue[list, Shuffle[list]]
  • fix for random saving errors (zipjs)


  • fix problems with PGF/TikZ export
  • LaTeX: fix problem with Cyrillic ligatures (тс and шц)
  • fix for "errorDialogsActive":false


  • fix problem with SetBackgroundColor[]
  • fix <Tab> behaviour in the Algebra View Input


  • Graphing Calculator: Angle Bisector Tool fixed
  • Spreadsheet: fix for Copy & Paste of formulas
  • Spreadsheet: One-variable analysis tool now treats second column of data as frequencies (if just two columns selected)
  • fix problem with SlopeField[1/y]
  • fix problem with redefine dialog opening on double-click when it shouldn't
  • Exam: Invert[ <Function> ] command not available when CAS is disabled
  • new command NInvert[ <Function> ] for numerical function inversion (intended for exam mode)
  • fix for copy & paste of eg x/cos(x)
  • fix for BarChart in Danish


  • SVG Export: multiple images exported from GeoGebra can be embedded in the same webpage
  • fix for Integral[x^-4, -1, 1]
  • CAS View: fix for $1==$2 where $1=y=9 and $2=y=9
  • CAS View: fix for Integral[cos(n π x / 4), 1, 4] (GeoGebra Classic only)
  • CAS View: fixes for PerpendicularVector[ <Plane> ] and UnitPerpendicularVector[ <Plane> ]
  • CAS View: fix for selecting multiple cells
  • fix for Corner[1]
  • Graphing Calculator: new keyboard


  • CAS View: fix for #1 notation


  • Editor: fix for {{1,2},3}
  • CAS View: make sure Vectors in Sequence[Vector[(i, i)],i,1,3] stay as Vectors


  • CAS View: fix for a:=1/1E8
  • fix for dragging with 2 views open


  • fix for auto-slider dialog in Safari
  • make sure preview for FillCells[ ] doesn't delete cells
  • new LaTeX commands \brack \brace \bangle \cancel \bcancel \xcancel \longdiv


  • CAS View: fix for Expand Tool


  • fix for too-wide Algebra View


  • fix for <Tab> not setting Input Box content
  • fix for <Enter> not hiding Input Box correctly
  • fix for wrong coefficient in FitPoly


  • fix for Surface[ ] defined in terms of another surface
  • Math Apps: make sure PNG Export isn't truncated by the menu
  • Math Apps: Export PSTricks, PGF/TikZ, Asymptote


  • Length[] and First[] work on Freehand Functions
  • Algebra View: fix for right-click
  • fix for drawing big arcs
  • fix for list of Polylines


  • fix for CAS commands on Android
  • fix for CAS View on Linux/32


  • Desktop: fix for SetValue[a, b, c]
  • Web: increase maximum spreadsheet rows to 350


  • fix for InverseBinomial[]


  • fix for Intersect[]


  • Tangent[] works for log(f(x),g(x)) and nroot(f(x),g(x))
  • Android: fix for wrong version of Giac


  • fix for Intersect[ <Curve>, <Curve>, t1, t2 ]
  • Apache Commons Math Library updated to 3.6.1
  • Probability Calculator: improvement for point dragging


  • fix for problem with "degree" sign in Input Boxes
  • CAS View: make sure NSolve[{3x-5y=11,14x^2-11x=52}] gives a numerical result not exact
  • Grid showing by default


  • Desktop: fix Function Inspector
  • new syntax for lines eg x-1=y-2=(z-3)/2
  • CAS View: better fix for ScientificText[ ]

5.0.329.0 (GGB6 only)


  • fix for Envelope[]


  • fix for Integral[x(A)+...]
  • CAS View: fix for ScientificText[ ] and arg()
  • 3D View: fix for Angle[u, v] for very small angles
  • "Solids" added to defaults (for Polyhedra, Cylinders, Cones)
  • z = sin(x) + sin(y) will create f(x, y) = sin(x) + sin(y)
  • Envelope[ ] command uses new method
  • fix for exporting SVG with embedded image


  • fix problem drawing Algebra View


  • nicer coefficients for Polynomial[x^3 - x^2 - x - 1] and RandomPolynomial[5, -1, 1]
  • Android: fixes for logging in and viewing
  • fix top row of Greek keyboard


  • Fix for bbbb: r=2θ
  • fix for drop-downs that change length
  • 3D View: fix for plotting a(x, y) = abs(x + y ί)


  • 3D View: fix for back-to-front angles
  • CAS View: improve form of Numeric[121V^2 m 3.14159265359 (0.0004 / W / Ω)]
  • fix for selecting Norwegian Nynorsk
  • solve confusion with C_1 and C_{1}


  • GGB6: new editor enabled
  • On-screen keyboard: fix for accents keys
  • Mobile Apps: fix for exp(-30) in editor
  • CAS View: fix for Angle[10deg + 20deg]


  • fix for dragging 3D polygons in 2D
  • fix for inverting segments in degenerate circles
  • CAS View: fix for f(1/x)
  • On-screen keyboard: fix for <Shift> key


  • 3D View: fix for tracing conics

5.0.312.0 (Android Math Apps only)

  • fix for y = (h(x))^2
  • fix for Sequence[RectangleSum[x², n, n + 1, 1, 0], n, 0, 3]
  • faster / more accurate Taylor Polynomials eg TaylorPolynomial[1/x, 2, 10]
  • Math Apps: fix for Android 7.1


  • Spreadsheet: copy scripts for copy/paste
  • Input Boxes: fix for entering a formula after a number
  • set background color from the spreadsheet when an object is created / renamed (if necessary)
  • CAS View: fix for f'(x) for eg f(x) = K(x)/x
  • Exam Simple: context menu disabled


  • Android: fix for SSL problem
  • fix for Input Boxes on iOS

5.0.308.0 (Android only)

  • fix for "Sign in"


  • Desktop: fix for "500" error on File -> Share


  • HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus problem on touch


  • HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus bug


  • use correct minus sign for Braille export
  • Exam Simple: disable f'
  • GeoGebra 6: resize window on file load


  • Desktop: fix drawing bug


  • fix for Freehand Function Tool
  • fix for localized color names

  • CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for f(x)=1
  • Classic Desktop: command-line option --stereo for testing with 3D Monitors / Projectors

  • fix for 2-Var Analysis Tool after using 1-Var Tool

  • Android Exam Apps released
  • 3D View: DynamicCoordinates[] working

  • fix for SurdText[]
  • fix for display form of Conics when saved

  • 3D Grapher: fix for File -> New

  • functions asind(), acosd(), atand(), atan2d() to return answer in degrees
  • 3D view: drag nets to open / close
  • Desktop: fix for <Escape> in the Input Bar
  • CAS View: ComplexRoot[ ] changed to give a numeric answer
  • make sure Input Box scripts are run in the right order when Button clicked
  • Debian repository is signed with SHA512

  • Distance Tool working for Polylines
  • fix for Data Analysis View

  • New form for lines ax + by + c =0
  • New forms for Parabolas (Conic Form and Vertex Form)
  • CAS View: fix for (x=y)+(x=y)*(-1)
  • fix for Z-Test of Difference of Proportions
  • brand new method for LocusEquation[ ] under the hood
  • fix for adding angles eg α+β+γ+δ+ε

  • fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
  • 3D View: orientation fix

  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[x^5730=1/2]

  • Improvements for Polyline in 3D
  • fix Invert[log(3,x+1)], Invert[log(x+1,3)]

  • Fix problem with IntersectPath[Polygon, Line]
  • Fix problem with Input Bar giving error eg Integral[x,0,1]
  • Logarithmic grid for Data Analysis (beta)

  • Surd improvements, eg Simplify[cbrt(x^6)] returns x^2
  • Fix non-polynomial implicit curves

  • Results from Derivative and Integral cached in the XML
  • Fast dragging of CAS functions in the Graphics View
  • Web App: print Algebra View and Construction Protocol
  • Pen Tool and Freehand Shape Tool moved to under the Move Tool, Text Tool moved
  • CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool fix for 2 rows
  • Fix for \qquad in LaTeX

  • Make sure Algebra View order is saved/reloaded correctly

  • Desktop: fix for "alpha" popup
  • Web App: fix for dragging to change order in the Construction Protocol
  • CAS View: fix for focus problem (Web)

  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]
  • CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool adds initial values for systems of equations eg {2.5=a*b^-5,8.4=a*b^7}

  • HTML5: fix for editing in spreadsheet / old Input Bar

  • CAS View: fix for Simplify[sqrt(2)*sqrt(5)] and Solve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]

  • Desktop: fix for missing Language menu

  • CAS View: fix for ln(0) and Integral[abs(x cos(x²)),0,sqrt(pi)]
  • 3D View: hide cursor for export
  • new syntax: SetViewDirection[ <direction>, <animated true|false> ] for example SetViewDirection[ Vector[(1;α;-30°)], false ]
  • Text Tool: pasting in formatted text now works (with formatting stripped)
  • Fix for Cross Product in editor

  • fix for exporting PNG from the 3D View
  • new Apps chooser
  • Fix for Zip[CustomTool[]]
  • fix a'(t) where a is a parametric curve
  • improvement for locus drawing

  • fix for Two Variable Regression Tool

  • make sure Polygon's segments are correct color after translation
  • Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)

  • Graphing Calculator: Relation Tool implemented
  • EPS Export: fix for exporting Trace and adjust color according to transparency
  • Background color fills the whole cell in TableText[] now

  • fix for \otimes
  • CAS View: fix for Translate[ellipse]
  • new API methods ggbApplet.setPointCapture(view, mode), ggbApplet.setAxisSteps(view, x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAxisLabels(view, x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAxisUnits(view, x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAuxilliary(geo, true/false)
  • new TableText[] alignment option "%" to convert to a percentage, and align on decimal points

  • new TableText[] alignment option "." to align on decimal points
  • fix for loading IntersectPath[]

  • "%0" replaced by object's name in Click & Update scripts

  • fix for autocomplete
  • Graphing Calculator: fix for editor bug with (1,1/2)
  • Exam Mode: make sure f'(x) works in non-CAS mode

  • fix for Histogram[]

  • CAS View: fix for Solve[(x+5)*exp(x)=(x+5)*exp(2*x)]
  • CAS View: fix for (x<3)/2
  • fix for NDerivative[] in Exam Mode
  • jQuery collision fix

  • fix for customized toolbar in 3D View
  • CAS View: improvement for Simplify[1/x^(1/2) - (1/x)^(1/2)]
  • bugfix: spreadsheet column widths preserved on undo

  • ggbApplet.setRounding("10") added
  • fix for Reflect[Plane, Plane]
  • Symbolic mode for texts, eg FormulaText[1/2]
  • CAS View: Intersect[] working for planes

  • fix for duplicated objects

  • Fraction fixes

  • Web App: can now set filling of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]
  • fix for matrices M=N
  • fix for If[ ]
  • allow Input Boxes to be linked to CAS Cells

  • CAS View: fix for Integral[sqrt(1+(1/20000 b x)^2),x,-200,200]
  • fix for If[n < 3, 2, n - 1]
  • fix for implicit curve plotting
  • Direction[ ] working for 3D
  • fix for 3 * matrix1

  • Algebra View: Input & Output rows, exact fractions
  • CAS View: fix for Solve[(sin(x) * exp(x)) + (cos(x) * exp(x))]
  • CAS View: fix for Angle[Vector[(1,2)],Vector[(t,5)]]
  • CAS View: CountIf[] implemented
  • fix for Macros that involve intersection of circles
  • fixes for transformations of implicit curves (and rotating functions)
  • CAS View: improvement for Integral(Simplify(((sqrt((((-(x))/(sqrt(((r)^(2))-((x)^(2)))))^(2))+(1))))))
  • fix for Input Boxes when applet scaled (Chrome)
  • Web App: can now set color of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]

  • f(x,y,z)=x+y+z then f(A) works for 3D Points
  • fix for Implicit Curves

  • fix problem with background image updates
  • Desktop: fix problem with missing images in Button properties

  • fix problem with Object Properties

  • new Button design
  • Graphing Calculator: Redo button added

  • fix for BarChart opacity

  • 3D View: small fix for Intersection[conic, conic]

  • fixes for hatching of barcharts
  • Hull[] command removed and new algorithms for other discrete commands
  • fix for PlaySound[false]
  • msi Installer: built using WiX 3.10.2 instead of 3.9

  • Graphing Calculator: fix for eg e^x*sin(x), x^2+1

  • bugfix for Intersection[ plane, arc ]
  • improvement for integrals involving freehand functions
  • Desktop: fix for JavaScript listeners
  • 3D View: clipping defaults changed
  • Graphing Calculator: Improved properties for objects & grid, copy & paste enabled for the Input Bar

  • fix for y-axis labeling
  • Graphing Calculator: enable Circle (Point, Radius) and Angle (fixed size) Tools

  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y/x] and SolveODE[sin(0.017*x)*y]

  • Implicit curves that are already factored are drawn better
  • fix for Volume of Cylinder
  • Graphing Calculator: allow editing of longer formulas

  • CAS View: fix for Solve[abs(6x - 3) + abs(6x + 9) - 12 = 0]
  • make sure EPS files are exported to the clipboard properly (as file, not text)

  • Image Tool: dialog now shown immediately
  • Make sure all images are drawn interpolated on retina displays
  • Graphing Calculator: Copy & Paste working, "x" to clear Input Bar
  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y'+y=2 exp(-x), (0,3)]
  • CAS View: BinomialDist command works in general, ie BinomialDist[n, p, k, true]
  • fix for ggbApplet.setWidth(), ggbApplet.setHeight()
  • fix for {{0,0},{0,0}}^-1

  • fix for SetValue[]

  • CAS View: fix for SVD[] (desktop) and Limit[]
  • f' works as a shortcut for f'(x)
  • plane1 == plane2 implemented
  • fix for Greek characters inside \mbox{}

  • fix for copy & paste of text with absolute screen location
  • fix for Implicit Curves creating extra object

  • Desktop: fix for missing Input Help icon
  • revert JOGL back to 2.2.0

  • Speed-up for Envelope command
  • Algebra View: fix for keyboard shortcuts (eg Ctrl-Z)
  • fix for problem with extra braces in surface(a,b)
  • fix for SetValue[ <List>, <Index>, <Value> ]
  • fix for RotateText[ ] and rotated LaTeX
  • JOGL2 updated to 2.3.2
  • add data-param-enableCAS, data-param-enable3D, data-param-rounding (for Exam Mode)
  • 3D View: fixes for trace

  • Extremum and Roots Tools working for parabolas
  • 3D View: Zoom menu
  • resize Algebra View when editing long equation
  • autocomplete now starts after 3 letters (not 2)

  • 3D View: Intersect Tool works with f(x,y) and Plane
  • fix problem with XML when saving 3D objects

  • fix for tools with dialogs

  • 3D View: surfaces now shiny
  • fix for Chinese characters in LaTeX
  • default labeling for lines starts at 'f' not 'a'
  • fix for making tools from z = 0
  • make sure Input Boxes don't get +0i +0i on the end
  • fix problem with AV checkboxes
  • fix for Intersect[ <Plane>, <Curve> ]
  • CAS View: make sure Tangent[ ] always returns a list

  • 3D: Grid for planes (default: not showing)
  • fix for EPS Export with LaTeX
  • fix for Rotate[ <Text>, <Angle> ]

  • make sure implicit curves are drawn as polynomial where possible
  • make sure you can turn off the automatic coloring with "Save Settings"
  • fix for \$ in LaTeX
  • new API methods: setFixed(fixed, selectionAllowed), evalCommandGetLabels(command), setDisplayStyle(object, style)
  • new command SetFixed[ <Object> , <Boolean Fixed>, <Boolean Selection Allowed> ]

  • fix for Integral[ ]
  • fix for Invert[parabola]
  • improvement for Simplify[exp(x)/exp(x+1)]

  • fix for double-clicking files with LaTeX

  • non-polynomial implicit curves
  • CAS View: fix for N(5) in Numeric Mode

  • fix for Roots[] changing to (?,?)
  • 3D: fix for missing command SecondAxis[ <Conic> ]
  • CAS View: fix for lines
  • CAS View: implement Intersect[ <Plane>, <Plane> ]
  • fix for LaTeX in export
  • (beta) fix for 3D View not working

  • fix for LaTeX in PNG export

  • more accurate calculation for ellipse circumference
  • fix for CAS View (problem loading files)

  • Algebra View: fix for add/remove columns from matrix
  • LaTeX: fix for \bgcolor
  • 3D: shader improvement
  • fix for y = x(x + 1)
  • fix for sticky sliders in Firefox
  • fix problem with intersection of horizontal parabolas
  • Graphing Calculator: fix for missing tool icons

  • 3D: fix for shaders
  • make sure dropdowns don't fire onupdate events unnecessarily

  • Desktop: fix for 3D on Linux

  • 3D View: Wireframe for surfaces
  • improvement for Extremum[4000x exp(-0.05x), 10, 30],
  • Graphing Calculator: CAS commands working on Android 6
  • new applet parameter "enableUndoRedo": false

  • fix for plotting -z² + 2x y + y = -6

  • new Tools: Extremum and Roots
  • new commands LocusEquation[ <Boolean Expression>, <Free Point> ], SetActiveView[ <Plane> ]
  • new command to just plot a derivative: NDerivative[ <Function> ]
  • Desktop: shaders turned off for Windows Vista
  • HTML5: Make sure CAS isn't loaded for Integral[f, a, b]
  • 3D View: make sure labels can be dragged in Oblique Projection
  • Desktop: <Ctrl>Click working again in the Graphics View
  • fix for (y > x^2 ) || ( x^2 + y^2 < 1 )
  • fix for f(x) = list1(1)
  • NSolve tool automatically adds , x = 1
  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[2*y*y'=2*x]

  • fix for Function Inspector

  • fix for dropdowns (sometimes couldn't select items)

  • Drop-down lists changed to new "scrollable" type when necessary
  • Lists of Functions as drop-downs are now drawn using LaTeX
  • Fix for Sequence[IntersectPath...
  • Fix for text size changing when applet reset
  • Fix for text size changing on Buttons
  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[sin(39°)/x=sin(59°)/3]
  • HTML5: rearranging views now works on touch-screens

  • fix for Move Tool
  • fix for "marble" on touch
  • fix for Translate[] in 3D

  • new syntaxes ToolImage[ <Number>, <Point> ], ToolImage[ <Number>, <Point>, <Point> ] and Plane[ <Point>, <Vector>, <Vector> ]
  • CAS View: fix for sqrt(1-48sqrt(2))
  • 3D View: Point on Surface allowed
  • set CAS Cells from the Input Bar eg $1=x and ggbApplet.evalCommand("$1=x");

  • HTML5: ggbApplet.writePNGtoFile() working
  • fix for drop-downs on touch

  • Chrome / Web App: fix problem with "hamburger" menu
  • fix problem with hatching
  • 3D View: shaders not used in Windows XP

  • Serif / Sans Serif enabled for lists / drop-down lists
  • Serif axis labels enabled
  • more commands working in 3D: Polyline, Barycenter, 3D stats (eg MeanX), Trilinear, TriangleCenter, AffineRatio, CrossRatio, VerticalText, Incircle, ZoomIn, ZoomOut

  • CAS View: improvement for NSolve / NSolutions eg

NSolve[10000 = 200 + 185(1 - (1 + x)^(-60)) / x]


  • SurdText working for 3D Points
  • fix for increment for eg Slider[1,2,1]

  • fix for drawing inequalities
  • fix for dropdowns on touch

  • Web / Chrome App: new GeoGebra Exam Mode
  • Allow 30deg as "shortcut" for 30°
  • CAS View: fix for matrix(1,2) syntax, fix for Simplify[cbrt(x²) - cbrt(x)²]
  • Desktop: fix problem with opening tools
  • Desktop: fix problem with drop-down list drawing
  • Image Tool: make sure image is resized if it's too big for the screen

  • Web / Chrome App: File -> Print Option
  • Drop-down lists drawn directly to the Graphics View (so LaTeX is supported)
  • Chrome App: fix bug with editing cells with $
  • allow non-integers again as output from Periods
  • fix for shading of integrals (also in Probability Calculator)
  • Chrome App: Construction Protocol enhancement: selection of which columns are showing and edit Caption directly
  • Linux: fix for opening URLs
  • Web App: spreadsheet improvements for iOS / Firefox

  • HTML5: fix problem with A1 = matrix1 not being drawn with LaTeX
  • fix bug with f(x(A), y(A))

  • Make sure tracing works for filled Conics / Arcs
  • fix bug with axis labeling
  • HTML5: missing Normal Curve overlay for one-variable analysis
  • fix problem with Object Properties for Sequence[Sequence[...
  • HTML5: fix for strange "DOWN13" texts when using spreadsheet

  • GeoGebra: fix for worksheets with Toolbars

  • CAS View: fix for CSolutions[2x^3 + x^2 + x + 1/2]
  • CAS View: fix for missing brackets for cross-product
  • Input Bar: fix for ComplexRoot[x^3+3x]
  • Chrome App: fix for displaying / editing lists
  • Spreadsheet View: Selecting two cells and copying down now produces a non-dynamic output
  • the FillCells command has been enhanced so that cell references are updated eg FillCells[B1:B7,A1+0] or FillCells[B1:B7,A1+1]
  • bugfix for degenerate CircularArcs

  • CAS View: fix for Sum[{(1,2),(3,4)}]
  • Help -> Intel® RealSense™ Tutorial
  • Graphing Calculator: make sure 1+1 doesn't make a slider

  • Desktop: ggbApplet.getPNGBase64() exports the active view
  • Desktop: JavaScript alert() works for non-strings
  • Export Hatching etc at a higher resolution when exporting

  • HTML5: Hidden Line Style added to GUI
  • fix for dragging eg (a,0)
  • fix for Sequence[Ray[...
  • Rate[ ] command much more robust
  • iPad: make material thumbnails visible on iOS 9

  • paste images from clipboard in html format
  • b=a for a Ray makes another Ray
  • dragging point on polynomial improvement (uses closest point, not vertical point)
  • fix for entering eg pix
  • Make sure beta commands don't appear in the list of commands
  • fix SetBackgroundColor[ <Object>, "none" ] for Input Boxes
  • Desktop: update JavaScript scripting library to new version (Rhino 1.7.7)
  • Save Settings to file enabled for OSX
  • CAS View: improvements for UnitPerpendicularVector
  • CAS View: improvements for definite integrals, eg Integral[(ln(x) - x + 4)^2, 0.45, 2.07]
  • Graphing Calculator: selection rectangle working for the Best Fit Line Tool

  • allow SetBackgroundColor[ <Object>, "none" ]
  • fix problem with OsculatingCircle[ <Curve> ] when the curve is changed
  • small changes for 3D Input
  • CAS View: fix for Translate[Vector[(1,10,100)],(1,2,3)]

  • fix problem with Curvature[ <Conic> ] when the conic is changed
  • CAS View: improve Numerator / Denominator
  • 3D View: desktop now uses shaders (except on old Graphics Cards)

  • fix for detecting 3D input devices
  • (x,y) can be used in expressions, eg draw a circle with (x,y)^2 = 1

  • fix for eg InverseBinomial[10, 1 / 10, 617003001 / 625000000]
  • InverseBinomial implemented in the CAS View
  • fix for drawing Bar Graphs when the size decreases
  • Windows: bigger font size for hi-res screens (portable & new full installs only)

  • fix for SetCoords[A, 3, 4, 5]
  • GGC: fix for loading .ggb files
  • Windows: settings now saved to the filesystem (not registry)

  • fix for .exe problem
  • "Copy" in CAS: revert to old method (includes eg multiply * signs)

  • bugfix: extra <expression> elements in the XML

  • Desktop: Play MP3 files in the background
  • fix problem with automatic updates
  • fix bug with If[] not being dynamic

  • fix for Distance Tool for objects with subscripts eg P_{SR}
  • Tangent Tool now works for x!, gamma(x), floor(x), ceil(x)
  • CAS View: Translate command implemented
  • new feature: SetViewDirection[Vector[(1,2,3)]] won't flip the view
  • new parameter copyToClipboard added to ggbApplet.getPNGBase64(exportScale, transparent, DPI, copyToClipboard) (desktop only for now)

  • fix for f(x)=x+y
  • fix for functions called X (GeoGebra Graphing Calculator only)

  • GeoGebra Graphing Calculator: first stable release (GeoGebra Graphing Calculator only)

  • "Selection Allowed" option for the axes

  • fix for slider position and SetCoords[slider, x, y]

  • 3D View: all quadrics now drawn eg y = x^2 - y^2
  • fix for re-loading Dodecahedron[(0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 1)]
  • fix for command-line export of animated GIF
  • CAS View: fix for Expand[(a(b)]

  • CAS View: fix for Numeric[3(26778293/2100000)]
  • iOS: fix for image export

  • fix for drawing parabolas in Chrome
  • fix for Object Properties not appearing in some cases

  • LaTeX working in captions for Checkboxes eg $\sqrt{x}$
  • new objects won't be created in Layer 9
  • Default right-angle style set automatically
  • fix for layers of lists
  • fix for (a-b) + "text" + (a-b)
  • fix for saving Points with lower-case names
  • CAS View: Angle[] working for 3D lines / planes

  • Drop-down lists back to old behavior (temporarily)

  • drop-down lists drawn to canvas so consistent across platforms and support LaTeX with $...$
  • fix for faulty SVG export
  • definitions of objects saved eg a = 1 + 2 + 3
  • fix for setting properties of Sort[list of points]
  • LaTeX working in captions for Buttons eg $\sqrt{x}$

  • fix for Denominator[ <Function> ]
  • fix for wrong GeoGebra URLs

  • InflectionPoint[ <Polynomial> ] implemented as a CAS Command
  • bugfix for Slider dialog with Integers
  • fix for FormulaText["\text{ Price(\$)}"]

  • fix for FractionText[]

  • fix for SVG export with Points Export_1 and Export_2
  • CAS View: fix for Solve[log(x^2) + 6 * log(x) + 8 = 0, x] and Solve[sqrt(x - 4) <= sqrt(2x + 1)]
  • fix for Navigation Bar in 2 applets
  • fix for CAS commands in Input Help
  • fix for numbers being loaded as Sliders

  • Desktop: Shaders turned off in the 3D View again

  • CAS View: improvement for Solve[sqrt(3)*sin(2x)-cos(2x)=sqrt(2)]
  • Desktop: 3D View now uses Shaders
  • new syntax (t^2, t^3) to create a parametric equation
  • new syntax Sequence[5,10]
  • new syntaxes BinomialDist[10, 0.2, 1..3] and Poisson[1, 1..5] to calculate a range of probabilities
  • bugfix for "alpha" popup in Input Boxes

  • 3D View: fix for cylinders
  • new API command getLabelStyle(), getLabelVisible(), getGridVisible()
  • command [[SetVisibleInView Command|SetVisibleInView][] and API function getVisible(geo, view) work for xAxis, yAxis, zAxis

  • fix for bug in Function Inspector
  • new api commands getCaption(), getPerspectiveXML()

  • fix for Input Boxes

  • CAS View: Distance[ (1,2), y=x^2 ] gives an exact answer again
  • Algebra View: sliders and checkboxes are operational in the Algebra View as well as the Graphics View
  • bugfix for Sequence[ n ]
  • improvements for pasting CSV
  • Default size for draggable points is now 5
  • list(1) and matrix(1,1) syntaxes implemented in the Input Bar
  • GeoGebra Graphing Calculator: first beta release for Android

  • fix for Integral[Normal[5,1,x],5,6]
  • fix for dragging eg Point inside Sphere
  • Java Applets: signed with new certificate
  • CAS View: new syntax Solve[x^2 = 100, x > 0 ]

  • CAS View: fix for tan(pi/24) not giving exact value
  • fix for Input Boxes attached to dependent numbers
  • 3D View: fix for dragging Points inside Spheres
  • Tools with Point on Path/Region as output work

  • Line Opacity for Vectors
  • Classic Desktop: play/pause icon missing in Graphics View
  • fix for Reflect[ ] in scripts (for 3D objects)

  • CAS View: fix for CompleteSquare[] for non-integers
  • CAS View: fix for crashing problem with Points
  • PlaySound[ <URL> ] can now play .mp3 files from eg DropBox, Google Drive

  • CAS View: fix problem with long expressions being slow
  • fix problem with changing Button's size
  • fix missing right-click menu in Graphics View

  • fix problem with EMF aspect ratio
  • Graphics View: new play / pause buttons
  • CAS View: new syntax for Solve eg Solve[u *x < a,x, u>0]
  • Input Boxes: fix truncating problem
  • CAS View: fix f(x) problem
  • Navigation Bar working in Graphics View 2

  • fix for Input Boxes

  • ggbApplet.getMode() added (returns the current tool in use)
  • CAS View: CompleteSquare[] implemented for higher powers
  • allow unchecking of "Text as Shapes" for PDF export
  • HTML5: fix for Area Tool
  • fix Line Opacity for Lists, Sectors, Parametric & Implicit Curves
  • Input Boxes now look consistent across Desktop/Web
  • Input Boxes can have LaTeX captions between $...$, eg $\sqrt{a}{b}$

  • bugfix for b = a
  • bugfix for automatic slider creation
  • ggbApplet.ggbApplet.getCASObjectNumber() added (gets how many CAS rows there are)

  • CAS View: Integrals simplified by default eg Integral[2*exp(0.5x),0,ln(4)]
  • fix for Sensor View
  • small fix for downloading wrong license

  • CAS View: don't expand brackets by default eg (x+1)^1000
  • fix for Derivative[sin(x) + random() x]
  • CAS View: more improvements for SolveODE and fix for Solve[{(((-5)*(sqrt(-a^2+b^2)))*(abs(b)))*((abs(a^2-b^2))/(b^3))},a]
  • Make sure Data and Freehand Functions work better with Integral[f, a, b]
  • fix for entering calculations in Input Boxes, eg 2/7

  • fix for applet scaling
  • fix for Undo and the Pen Tool

  • new "Data Collection" View to go with the new GeoGebra Sensors App
  • CAS View: implement Point[{1,2}], Point[{1,2,3}], fix for SolveODE with variables other than x, y, fix for BinomialDist
  • new commands Minimize[ <Dependent Number>, <Point on Path> ], Maximize[ <Dependent Number>, <Point on Path> ]

  • Android Beta Release

  • DynamicCoordinates[] working in 3D
  • fix for IsInRegion[]
  • Relation Tool: enhanced for touching circles
  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[21.4*x^0.631 = 40,x=2.7]

  • Chrome App: fix for typing in the spreadsheet

  • Chrome App: fix for double-clicking in the Algebra View
  • HTML5: Colored Marbles in the Algebra View

  • Chrome App: <Ctrl>V to paste images (when Image Tool selected)
  • fixes for IterationList

  • new version of Giac (fixes for eliminate and 10^(x+63/10-x))

  • CAS View: implement ScientificText
  • HTML5: fix for LocusEquation / Envelope / Prove
  • fix for dragging Input Boxes
  • Chrome App: Copy / Copy as LaTeX working in the CAS View
  • fixes for zooming (rectangle in zoom tools, shift-right-drag)
  • Alt-drag working again for copying as a list to the Input Bar
  • fix for Rigid Polygon Tool
  • HTML5: fix for PNG export from Probability Calculator
  • Iteration[ <Expression>, <Variables>, <Start Values>, <Count> ]
  • IterationList [ <Expression>, <Variables>, <Start Values>, <Count> ]
  • Numerator[ <Number> ], Denominator[ <Number> ] working in input bar (numerically)

  • added ggbApplet.getLaTeXString(), getLaTeXBase64()
  • ggbApplet.getValueString(), getDefinitionString() now work with CAS Cells
  • updated to new version of Giac

  • automatic coloring for functions
  • fix for Simplify[(x - 1)² - (x - 1)/1]
  • Retina: fix for background images
  • HTML5: Spreadsheet columns limited to 26

  • new commands RandomPointIn, RandomDiscrete, SetConstructionStep[ <Number> ]
  • HTML5: Graphics Views are now in Retina resolution
  • typing eg a = 1000 will change the slider range
  • If two sliders are in the same place, make sure one can be dragged
  • CAS View: improvement for FitPoly when degree + 1 == size
  • Automatic coloring for functions

  • CAS View: make sure wrong syntax doesn't return wrong answer, eg Factor[16b ℯ^(3x) + 20c ℯ^(3x) + 20b x ℯ^(3x), ℯ ^(3x) ]
  • AreEqual[] working for Segments and Polygons
  • B ∈ a added for Paths & Regions
  • 3D View: fix for Captions being clipped
  • bugfix: "speed" and "repeat" missing from the "Algebra" tab for Points
  • Chrome App: "Input..." shown in Algebra View Input
  • Chrome App: fix for x√x in Algebra View Input
  • new command Normalize[list of numbers / points]

  • iOS / Android beta

  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE
  • CAS View: Improvement for ToExponential[2+2sqrt(3) ί ]
  • new command Vertex[ <Segment>, <Index> ]
  • improvement for 360°*2/(360°)
  • 3D View: much faster to rotate view
  • Properties for Views from Planes

  • Android, iOS beta release

  • CAS View: SolveCubic improvements
  • bugfix: shift-drag works again in all Tools
  • HTML5: fix for SolveODE[-x*y,(0,2)]
  • Chrome App: " " button added to on-screen keyboard
  • Desktop: .OFF import
  • maximum number of points for Polygon Tool is now 1000
  • fix freezing problem with FitLine
  • 3D View: Navigation bar working

  • missing pooled variances option from Multivariable Data Analysis t-test and t-estimate of difference of means panels
  • Chrome App: New Object dialogs for Matrices / Piecewise functions / Parametric Curves
  • HTML5: on-screen keyboard can now be used with the CAS View
  • Retina-resolution LaTeX in AV/CAS/Spreadsheet
  • HTML5: showToolBarHelp:false working
  • new API method ggbApplet.setCustomToolbar()
  • HTML5: fix for Chinese characters in LaTeX
  • Chrome App: fix for File -> Share

  • HTML5: new LaTeX renderer
  • 3D: Fix for saving "View from Plane"
  • CAS View: improvement for Degree[x^2y^3]
  • CAS View: Extremum[] implemented
  • Chrome App: delete button in Algebra View

  • Beta Android / iOS release

  • Chrome App: Object Properties fix
  • 3D: fix for Sequence of Surfaces

  • 3D bugfix

  • more accurate Polynomial[ (4.18, 5.2365368),(4.179, 5.2387772661), (4.181, 5.2342938259) ]
  • fix for intersection of two lines when homogeneous z coord is very small
  • CAS View: fix for rounding problems with eg FitPoly[]
  • Desktop: fix for deleting tools

  • CAS View: Angle[pi] syntax added
  • Java: fix more problems with ggbApplet
  • HTML5: update to correct version on Giac

  • PlaySound["#1264825"] to play an .mp3 file from GeoGebra
  • fix for Integral[sin(x),cos(x),0,1,false]
  • HTML5: Images working in the spreadsheet
  • Algebra View: fix for derivative of a function from CAS View
  • Chrome App: fix for 'alpha' popup
  • conjugate() translatable
  • CAS View: fix for Solve[exp(4 x) - 5 exp(2 x) = -6]
  • fix for selecting drop-down lists when over polygons
  • Java: fix for ggbApplet.reset()

  • iOS Beta

  • HTML5: fix spreadsheet

  • Chrome App: fix for Chi Squared calculator
  • 3D View: fix for missing surfaces
  • Linux: unset JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to stop jayatanaag.jar getting loaded (Ubuntu 15)

  • iOS beta release

  • Windows: fix for pinning GeoGebra to the taskbar
  • 3D View: Fix for surfaces

  • Android beta release

  • Chrome App: fix for typing { } on a German keyboard
  • Chrome App: fixes for sin²(x)
  • Chrome App: fix for duplicate characters after redefining

  • HTML5: PlaySound[74,100,1] working if there's a Midi player available
  • CAS View: new syntax: Angle[y = x, y = 2x]
  • fix for rotating Arcs/Semicircles in 3D
  • Show All Objects working for Lines / Rays
  • CAS View: fix for copying text cells as LaTeX
  • Chrome App: fix for editing sin²(x)

  • Mac OSX: update Giac to same as Windows/Linux/HTML5

  • remove arrows, plus from Algebra View

  • CAS View: fix for Solve[-0.15x^2+48x-2000>0], Integral[abs(x),2.7,-2.7], Solve[0.5^(x/570)=0.8], Integral[(sqrt(x-0.5)+1)^2,0.5,b]
  • bugfix: captions not saved for inequalities
  • Chrome App: fix in XML for saving files

  • bugfix for pi as axis unit
  • fix for double events in EV2

  • Algebra View: fix for Integral[sin(x) / (1 + a² - 2a cos(x)), 0, pi]
  • Speed / stability improvement for Integral[f, a, b]

  • fix for CellRange on file loading
  • encoding fixes (bugs in ProbabilityCalculator)
  • fixes for Java Applets

  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[x^2=43.6^2+78.4^2-2*43.6*78.4*cos(137.5°)], Integral[sgn(x-5)], SolveODE[y+y'+ pi y=0], UnitVector, UnitPerpendicularVector
  • CAS View: allow Derivative[(sin(t),cos(t)]
  • Algebra View: swap double-click and <Shift>double-click actions (for points on paths)
  • new fill pattern "Weaving"
  • new option in Object Properties > Advanced to set the visibility in "Views from plane"
  • alt(point) returns altitude angle for the point
  • context menu for 3D point: swap between Cartesian and spherical coordinates
  • improved contrast for checkboxes
  • Chrome App: nice editing of matrices / piecewise functions (not Linux)

  • Improvement for tangent to eg y=x^(1/3)
  • Fix for memory leak
  • defaults now in geogebra_defaults2d.xml and geogebra_defaults3d.xml (HTML5 only)

  • HTML5: don't load geogebra_defaults.xml (fix for files not loading) (not Linux)

  • fix for Locus in Graphics View 2
  • HTML5: fix for scrollbar covering Input Bar
  • creating text in 3D view background
  • creating text in view background shows this text only in this view (HTML5 only)

  • PathParameter[] working for 3D points
  • Checkboxes and Buttons fixed by default
  • defaults for objects saved in .ggb files
  • defaults for objects can be loaded through template file
  • fix for Sample[{"a", "b", "c", "d", "e"}, 5, true]
  • Radius[conic] returns 0 for single point conic (instead of undefined)
  • Delete[B3:C7] deletes cells from B3 to C7
  • Buttons and Checkboxes are fixed by default (can still be moved when the tool is selected, or with right-drag)
  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y=0,{(0,1),(1,3)}]
  • Printing fix for multiple pages
  • Coefficients[f] works with more of the fit commands
  • HTML5: external copy & paste working in the spreadsheet

  • Chrome App: new Algebra View Input bar and on-screen keyboard
  • Chrome App: add Animated GIF export
  • CAS View: fix for CSolve[3z^2-2a*(k+1)*z+a^2*k=0,z], Derivative[vector]
  • Java: fix for 3D View on old GL
  • bugfix: Make sure 3D View not initialized in the background
  • fix for Korean autocomplete
  • HTML5: add missing API calls registerObjectClickListener(), unregisterObjectClickListener(), registerClickListener(), unregisterClickListener()
  • Cross[] works in other languages

  • <Shift> doesn't need to be pressed in applets for wheel-zoom
  • Fix for Integral[(5-x)^2,x,0,5]
  • Fix for exporting SVG with LaTeX text

  • fix for Angle size in 3D
  • fix for text size in applets

  • fix for Point Labeling

  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y' sqrt(y)= (6 x^2) ]
  • fix SVG export when x:y is not 1:1
  • new buttons in style bar: fix/unfix object ; angle interval [images]
  • Chrome App: fix for random numbers in the CAS View
  • fix for SetValue[boolean,?]

  • hi-res export for 3D View to PNG / Clipboard
  • exported SVG size now set in cm
  • command-line option exportAnimation now supports animated GIFs, eg

--slider=a --delay=50 --loop=true --dpi=72 --exportAnimation=image.gif myGeoGebraFile.ggb

  • fix problem with Play/Pause button on tablets
  • fix problem with Input Boxes on tablets
  • CAS View: fix for Solve[ℯ^x=3^(2*x)]

  • fix for missing language files
  • Java: new version of Giac

  • new "Fixed Size" option for PNG export
  • fix for export of Cumulative Binomial to PSTricks
  • Chrome App: can now drag objects from the Algebra View to the Graphics View
  • new command-line option exportAnimation, eg

--slider=a --dpi=72 --exportAnimation=image.pdf myGeoGebraFile.ggb

  • HTML5: new version of Giac

  • Fix for Attach/Detach Tool
  • Fix for Length[] in 3D

  • revert Algebra View order change

  • Fix for on-screen keyboard on OSX
  • Fix for Binomial / BinomialDist problem in German in the Spreadsheet
  • Algebra View: default order changed to Construction Order
  • Chrome App: "Copy Image" working for the 3D View
  • More improvements for HiDPI screens

  • fix problem with icons in Properties dialog

  • CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y' ' + 2y' -3y = exp(2x)]
  • HTML5: fix for double-update with files with LaTeX
  • Chrome App: fix for tooltips

  • fix for "ghost" decorations for segments with length 0
  • HTML5: enable ggbApplet.setErrorDialogsActive()
  • HTML5: right-drag working in Firefox / IE
  • avoid random line for Circumcircular Arc tool preview
  • CAS View: improvement for NSolve[BC^2=4^2+3^2-2*4*3*cos(50°)] and SolveODE[] for non-integer conditions
  • Export Pgf: problems with inverse trigonometric functions
  • Support for parsing |x| as abs(x)
  • more icons scaled up for HiDPI screens
  • draw list of texts in 3D view
  • Corner[-1, 11] command to get 3D view direction / eye position
  • move translated objects in 3D view with keyboard
  • better selection of texts with background in 3D view
  • animate 3D point on path

  • tangent to Freehand Functions
  • save projection options for 3D view (unless "Gray-scale" and "Omit green channel")
  • "Use Lighting" option for 3D view (turns off shadows)
  • "Show All Objects" button for 3D view
  • Login issue fixed in web app
  • Corrected perspective of files opened in web app

  • CAS View: fix for Solve[{s*cos(26°)-t=0,s*sin(26°)-3=0},{s,t}]
  • CAS View: add support for Polynomial[(1, 1), (2, 3), (3, 6)]
  • PS Tricks export: fix for \begin{pspicture*}(<corner1>)(<corner3>) instead of \begin{pspicture*}(4.0 <corner1>)(4.0 <corner3>)
  • enable Tamil & Sinhala
  • Separate visibility setting for 3D View

  • more improvements for Surface[]
  • large toolbar icons on startup (for large fontsize)

  • fix for Sequence[y=
  • Improvements for rendering surfaces (normals)
  • StartRecord[ ] and StartRecord[ <Boolean> ] commands
  • CAS View: improved output for SolveODE[y''+5y'+6y=0], fix for Solve[{a=(1)/((b)+(1)), (1)/(a)=(-(b))+(1)},{a, b}]
  • Chrome App: compile with GWT 2.7

  • Surfaces: ignore old "Level of Detail" setting

  • CAS View: fix for Limit[(tan(x)-x)/x^3,x=∞]
  • Chrome App: Create Tool and Manage Tool dialogs enabled
  • new drawing code for Surfaces with options Quality / Speed
  • fix for g: X = (-5, 5, 2) + t (4, -3, -2) syntax
  • fix for f(x)=x^(1/3)

  • allow InflectionPoint[If[
  • CAS View: fix for Solve[{c a^3=843/10, c a^4=126},{a,c}] and Substitute[2 / (27*k²), k=1/(3*x)]
  • make sure outlines with width 0 not drawn for IntegralBetween[ ]
  • bugfix for Tools in "View from Plane"

  • fix for exporting π to Asymptote / PSTricks and $\mathscr{C}$
  • fix for $\mathscr{C}$ as caption in Asymptote export
  • AttachCopyToView[] working in Scripts
  • PGF Export: axes with Pi, degree etc, fix for filled Curves / Splines
  • PSTricks, Asymptote export: fix for filled Curves / Splines
  • Chrome App: more Probability Calculator fixes

  • CAS View: fix for nroot(ℯ,10)

  • Allow one-character filenames when saving to GeoGebra
  • Fix for PolyLine Tool dialog
  • Ctrl-Shift-U to open Graphic Export dialog
  • Chrome App: symbol popup working in CAS

  • fix for PDF export (unbalanced q/Q operators)
  • small fix for Probability Calculator toolbar
  • fix for window size on loading a file
  • Chrome App: fix for entering eg 3.02 in Probability Calculator

  • CAS View: more Vector improvements
  • fix for saving font size
  • fix Intersect[curve, y=k x+0]

  • Probability Calculator should show just the Move Tool
  • CAS View: fix for Flatten[{2, 3, {5, 1}, {{2, 1, {3}}}}]
  • fix display of 3D vectors in A(x|y|z) mode
  • fix opening file with empty toolbar string
  • fix for Function[Derivative in old files
  • fix for Spline[] in 3D
  • fix for File -> Insert
  • more improvements for Copy & Paste in 3D
  • Chrome App: fix for display of complex numbers in the Algebra View

  • HTML5: fix for clicking with no Toolbar

  • CAS View: fix problem with c_1 changing to c_2
  • <Ctrl><Shift>P toggles the Probability View
  • make sure the Style Bar doesn't change the Probability Calculator
  • allow Root[] and Extremum[] for eg If[0 < x < 10,3x³ - 48x² + 162x + 300]
  • Web App: Text Tool fixed in Firefox
  • Chrome App: fix Bold/Italic buttons in Text Tool
  • CAS View: Vectors fully working
  • 3D View: point move direction depends on tool selected
  • 3D View: preview for pyramid and prism Tools
  • HTML5: fonts updated for 3D view
  • Copy & Paste working with Tools and some 3D objects
  • 3D View: File -> Open -> Insert File working
  • fix for right-click in the Graphics View
  • fix for <Ctrl>G when a polygon selected
  • Angle[(1,2),(3,4)] as shortcut for Angle[Vector[(1,2)],Vector[(3,4)]]

  • Chrome App: fix problems with inserting image from WebCam
  • fix for vertical toolbar
  • larger Toolbar icons when fontsize increased
  • CAS View: fix for Derivative[1]
  • Open Object Properties -> make sure all selected objects stay selected (iOS App)

  • support for c == f for Line, Function
  • fix Help for Custom Tools
  • Mac OS: interpret <Alt>0 (zero) as degree symbol
  • fix problem with Relative Copy with Condition to Show Object etc
  • more improvements for exporting psTricks / pgf / Asymptote

  • new Android App

  • fix for Turtle position on file load
  • CAS View: fix for getting eg 4.35372862870553E8 from Algebra View
  • Chrome App: make sure Selection Rectangle works when toolbar is showing

  • fix for f == g (for multi-variable functions) and for Intersect[curve, curve]
  • fix for Triangular[0, 50, 25, x, false]
  • new version of Giac with fix for Integral[((x-2)(x-3))^2,2,3]

  • new command Polar[ <Line>, <Conic> ] to find the Pole of a Line
  • allow transparent SVG export
  • fix problem with Relative Copy of If[0 < A1 < 5, 0, 100]
  • allow Translate[B, (1, 2, 3)] as shortcut for Translate[B, Vector[(1, 2, 3)]]
  • SetValue[list, number] to change the selected index (for drop-down list)
  • CAS View: new version of Giac with bugfixes including Join[{{{1}}}] and round(3.1+3.7ί )
  • fix for CAS command in webSimple

  • CAS View: fix for a/(1E8)²

  • CAS View: fix for Dot[(-5+k,-5+k), (3,9)] and improvement for mixing 2D/3D points

  • new commands TurtleUp[ <Turtle> ] and TurtleDown[ <Turtle> ]
  • fix for angles appearing in Graphics View 2
  • floor/ceil/round() for complex numbers / points / vectors
  • new version of Giac with fixes for (1,1/sqrt(3)) and floor/ceil/round() for complex numbers
  • round(pi,2) syntax added (CAS View and Input Bar)
  • floor/ceiling/round working for complex numbers (CAS View and Input Bar)
  • fix for Sequence[LowerSum[x², i, i + 1, 1], i, 1, 5]
  • fix for Sum[Sum[x+2y, x, 1, 3], y, 2, 4]
  • 3D View: fix for picking points rather than eg lines for dragging
  • various PGF/TikZ export improvements
  • Chrome App: fix for Toolbar Help

  • fix for problem on tablets when applets are rescaled

  • CopyFreeObject[] working for Rays, Segments
  • improvement for checking equality of polynomial functions
  • fix for drop-down lists (Chrome, Firefox)

  • CAS View: make sure Distance[(1,2),3] gives an error
  • ToBase[0.25,2] working
  • new version of Giac with fix for NSolve[(If[3 < x < 4,x])=3.5,x=3.4]
  • fix for (1,Iteration[x +1, 0, 2])
  • fix for Sequence[If[t < tges + n d / v1, ... if t already defined
  • make sure undefined lines work better with Input Boxes (y = ? not ?x + ?)

  • make sure point can't be dragged to undefined region for eg If[3 <= x <= 5, x^2]
  • correct object selected when Object Properties opened
  • fix for Sequence[CircumcircularArc[(0, 1, 0), (cos(t), 0, 0), (0, -1, 0)], t, 0, pi/2, pi/18]
  • CAS View: better support for planes
  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[{3=c*a^5, 3=c*a^4},{a,c}]
  • new version of Giac, including support for Tangent[(2,5),Ellipse[(1, 1),(3, 2),(2, 3)]], fix for Distance[(0,2),y=x^2]
  • support for pasting (most) numbers with decimal separator into the spreadsheet
  • easier piecewise syntax, eg f(x)=sin(x), 0<=x<=2pi
  • If[] working for multivariate conditions eg f(x,y) = If[x>y,x,y]
  • Chrome App: better support for pasting into the spreadsheet, eg 1,234,567
  • bugfix for Angle slider's label appearing in the 3D View
  • Turtle: image can be changed

  • fix for RandomBetween[5.5, 5.5]

  • Derivative[ <Curve> ], Tangent[ <Point>, <Curve> ] and ApplyMatrix[] working in 3D
  • fix for CurvatureVector in 3D
  • new commands SetPointSize[ <Polygon>, <Number> ], SetPointSize[ <Net>, <Number> ] and SetPointSize[ <Polyhedron>, <Number> ]
  • new commands Cube[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point> ], Tetrahedron[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point> ], Octahedron[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point> ], Icosahedron[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point> ], Dodecahedron[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point> ]
  • fix axis problem in TikZ output
  • CAS View: Partial support for Vectors
  • Chrome App: Customize Toolbar enabled again
  • fix for right angle style in 3D (Android Beta)

  • fix problem with right-angle style (when 3D View showing)
  • new command SetSpinSpeed[ <Number> ]
  • Distance[ <Point>, <Plane> ]

  • 3D Curves displayed nicely in the Algebra View
  • HTML5: 3D View working on old (2011) Chromebooks
  • HTML5: fix problem with UpdateConstruction[] in webSimple

  • CurvatureVector[Point, 3D curve]
  • fix for uploading to GeoGebra when 3D preview image fails

  • f(t) for 3D Parametric Curves
  • Curvature[A, f(x,y)]
  • CAS View: fix for HyperGeometric[10, 2, 2, 1, true]
  • Right-angle styles working in 3D

  • CAS View: fix for Solve[x² - 1]

  • Chrome App: Customize Toolbar working
  • fix problem with deleting objects in the spreadsheet
  • add ggbApplet.setTextValue(geo, text) and ggbApplet.remove()
  • CAS View: enable SolveCubic command
  • support TrigCombine[(tan(x) + tan(2x)) / (1 - tan(x) tan(2x))]
  • new version of Giac (including fix for SolveODE[y=1/x^2])
  • SetValue[a, ?] to set an object to be undefined
  • More accurate answer from Root[f, a, b]
  • fix for x = (0.005*3)^(1/3), xx + yy=1
  • HTML5: CSS naming improved

  • Chrome App: Multiple-variable Analysis Tool working
  • CAS: fix for Tangent[-3, x^2]
  • CAS: small improvements for Iteration, IterationList, UnitVector, AngleBisector
  • bugfix for Splines
  • HTML5: Input Box sizes adjusted
  • HTML5: speedups for 3D View

  • Chrome App: fix problem with Rotate Tool

  • new command ClosestPointRegion[ <Region, Point> ]
  • fix for Integral[4^(1/x)]
  • Chrome App: dialogs for 3D tools
  • Chrome App: Checkbox Tool added
  • bugfixes

  • HTML5: 3D optimizations
  • HTML5: new version of Giac (as for

  • Java: new version of Giac: fix for Limit[(3^x+5^x)^(1/x),∞]
  • better fix for OSX caret problem
  • fix for If[B>1, If[0<k<10, k/2], If[0<k<10, 5-k/2] ]
  • OSX: fix for saving after File -> New

  • workaround for OSX caret problem (set all textfields to bold!)
  • fix for Integral[x^(1/n)] freezing when n=0
  • HTML5: fix for applets with CAS View
  • Laplace[sin(t)] gives 1 / (s² + 1) and InverseLaplace[1 / (s² + 1)] gives sin(t)
  • new version of Giac: fix for (a<b)+c

  • fix for Integral[x^-1]
  • fix for nPr for large numbers
  • add Laplace[ <Function>, <Variable>, <Variable> ] and InverseLaplace[ <Function>, <Variable>, <Variable> ]
  • Chrome App: error shown correctly in Rotate Tool dialog

  • fix for Angle[Ray, Ray] when it's 180°
  • fix for check if file is 2D/3D

  • fix for intersection of Quadric / Plane

  • fix for visibility of eg Integral[sin(x),cos(x),1,2]
  • fix for tangents at ends of parametric curves
  • fix for files saved with no tools
  • Function[sin(x),1,2] will be a synonym for If[1<=x<=2, sin(x)]
  • CAS View: Function[sin(x),0,2 pi] added
  • CAS View: fix for Solve Tool (2 equations)

  • fix for net of pyramid/prism

  • fix for axis labeling for large numbers when step is eg 0.1
  • You can now set the default angle range e.g. to 0° - 180°
  • improve Numeric[y = exp(-11 x / 100)]
  • Locus[] fixes
  • fixes for transformed cylinder / cone
  • snap to grid for extrusion tools
  • CAS View: fix for Sum[Sum[x+2y, x, 1, 3], y, 2, 4]
  • CAS View: improved output for Length[(a,1)]

  • small fix for RotatedText
  • SVG images
  • improvements to Attach / Detach Tool in 3D
  • Fix for g:X=(0,4,0)+λ(12,16,15) with g=Line[(0,4,-5), Vector[(12, 16, 15)]]
  • Improved axis scaling when the origin is offscreen

  • bugfixes

  • bugfixes

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