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Redefining objects is a very versatile way to change a construction. Please note that this may also change the order of the construction steps in the Construction Protocol.

Note: The redefined element can only depend on elements defined earlier in the construction order -- you may need to change order of the elements in Construction Protocol.

In GeoGebra, an object may be redefined in different ways:

  • Select Tool Move.gif Move Tool and double click on any object in the Algebra View.
    • For free objects an editing field is opened allowing you to directly change the algebraic representation of the object. Hit the Enter-key in order to apply these changes.
    • For dependent objects the Redefine dialog is opened allowing you to redefine the object.
  • Select Tool Move.gif Move Tool and double click on any object in the Graphics View. This opens the Redefine dialog and allows you to redefine the object.
    • Change any object by entering its name and the new definition into the Input Bar.
    • Open the Properties Dialog and change the definition of an object on tab Basic.
  • From GeoGebra 4.2, the Redefine dialog of an object, which was just created, is immediately opened by typing any letter on the keyboard.
Note: Fixed objects cannot be redefined. In order to redefine a fixed object, you need to free it first using tab Basic of the Properties Dialog.
Note: You can also redefine existing objects in the Input Bar. Far example type a:Segment[A, B] to redefine a to be a Segment.


Example: In order to place an existing free point A onto an existing line h, you first need to double click on the point A to open the Redefine dialog window. Then change the definition to Point[h] in the appearing text field and press Enter. To remove point A from this line and make it free again, you need to redefine it to some free coordinates, eg (1, 2).
Example: Another example is the conversion of a line h through two points A and B into a segment. Open the Redefine dialog for line h and change Line[A, B] into Segment[A, B]
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