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Following properties can be set via Properties Dialog.


You may show or hide objects in the Graphics View in different ways.

  • You may use tool Tool Show Hide Object.gif Show/Hide Object Tool to show or hide objects.
  • Open the Context Menu and select item Tool Show Hide Object.gif Show Object to change the visibility status of the selected object.
  • In the Algebra View, the icon to the left of every object shows its current visibility state (shown shown or hidden hidden). You may directly click on the little marble icon in order to change the visibility status of an object.
  • You can also use the Tool Check Box to Show Hide Objects.gif Check Box to Show/Hide Objects Tool in order to show or hide one or several objects.
Note: To make an object "invisible" in Algebra View, make it Auxiliary.

Fixed objects

You can define an object to be fixed via Properties Dialog. Fixed objects (both free and dependent) cannot be moved, redefined or deleted.


Since 4.0 you can use Hatching or Image.

Advanced properties

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