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GeoGebra offers a Navigation Bar that allows you to navigate through the construction steps of your GeoGebra file.
The Navigation Bar is shown at the bottom of the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View.

To display it: Right click (Mac OS: Ctrl-click) on an empty spot on the drawing pad, then select the option Navigation Bar in the appearing context menu or activate the option Navigation Bar for Construction Steps in the Basic tab of the Menu-options.svg Properties Dialog of the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View.

The Navigation Bar provides a set of navigation buttons, and displays the number of construction steps (e.g. 2 / 7 means that the second step of a total of 7 construction steps is currently displayed):

  • Navigation Skip Back.png button: go back to step 1
  • Navigation Rewind.png button: go back step by step
  • Navigation Fast Forward.png button: go forward step by step
  • Navigation Skip Forward.png button: go to the last step
  • Animate Play.png Play: automatically play the construction, step by step
Note: You may change the speed of this automatic play feature using the text box to the right of the Animate Play.png Play button.
  • Animate Pause.png Pause: pause the automatic play feature
Note: This button only appears after activating the Play button.
Note: This button only appears if option Button to open construction protocol is enabled.
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