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Move Tool in the Graphics View

Drag and drop Free Objects with the mouse.

If you select an object by clicking on it in Move mode, you may…

  • … delete the object by pressing the Delete key
  • … move the object by using the arrow keys (see section Manual Animation)

You can also pan the Graphics view by pressing and holding the left mouse button in an empty area, and dragging the view's background.

  • You can quickly activate the Move Tool by pressing the Esc key of your keyboard.
  • To move a Slider when Move Tool is selected, you need to drag it with your right mouse button.
  • See also Move Graphics View tool.

Move Tool in the 3D Graphics View

Using the Move Tool in the 3D Graphics View you may drag and drop free points. In order to move a point in the three-dimensional coordinate system, you can switch between two modes by clicking on the point:

  • Mode x-y-plane: You may move the point parallel to the x-y-plane without changing the z-coordinate.
  • Mode z-axis: You may move the point parallel to the z-axis without changing the x- and y-coordinates.
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