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Select a point B that depends on another point A and whose locus should be drawn. Then, click on point A to create the locus of point B (see also Locus command).
Note: Point A has to be a point on an object (e. g. line, segment/interval, circle).
  • Type f(x) = x^2 – 2 x – 1 into the Input Bar and press the Enter-key.
  • Place a new point A on the x-axis (see Tool New Point.gifPoint tool; see Point command).
  • Create point B = (x(A), f'(x(A))) that depends on point A.
  • Select tool Tool Locus.gif and successively click on point B and point A.
  • Drag point A along the x-axis to see point B moving along its locus line.
Warning Warning: Locus is undefined, if the dependent point depends on Point Command with two parameters or PathParameter Command.
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