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{{Note| See also [[Image:Tool_Locus.gif]] [[Locus Tool|Locus]] tool.}}
{{Note| See also [[Image:Tool_Locus.gif]] [[Locus Tool|Locus]] tool.}}
{{warning|Locus is undefined, if the dependent point depends on [[Point Command]] with two parameters or [[PathParameter Command]].}}

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Locus[Point Q, Point P]
Returns the locus line of point Q which depends on point P.
Note: Point P has to be a point on an object (e. g. line, segment, circle).

Loci are specific object type which appears in auxiliary objects. Besides Locus command they are result of some Discrete Math Commands and SolveODE Command. Loci are paths and can be used within path-related commands such as Point. Their properties depend on how they were obtained, see e.g. Perimeter Command and First Command.

Note: See also Tool Locus.gif Locus tool.
Warning Warning: Locus is undefined, if the dependent point depends on Point Command with two parameters or PathParameter Command.
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