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If[Condition, Object]
Yields a copy of the object if the condition evaluates to true, and an undefined object if it evaluates to false.
If[Condition, Object a, Object b]
Yields a copy of object a if the condition evaluates to true, and a copy of object b if it evaluates to false.
Warning Warning: Both objects must be of the same type.

Conditional Functions

The If command can be used to create conditional functions. Such conditional functions may be used as arguments in any command that takes a function argument, such as Derivative, Integral, and Intersect.

  • Example: f(x) = If[x < 3, sin(x), x^2] yields a function that equals sin(x) for x < 3 and x2 for x ≥ 3

{{note|See the section Boolean values for the symbols used in conditional statements.^^

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