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* [[User:Birgit Lachner]]
* [[User:Birgit Lachner]]
* [[User:Mathmum]]
* [[User:Mathmum]]
* [[User:Spanish1|Use:Liliana Saidon Spanish1]]
* [[User:Spanish1|Usuaria:Liliana Saidon Spanish1]]
* [[User:Jtico]]
* [[User:Jtico]]
* [[:es:User:Juanpserrano|Juan Pablo Serrano Echeverría]]
* [[:es:User:Juanpserrano|Juan Pablo Serrano Echeverría]]

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This is our little local village pump (inspired by Wikipedia). This place is intended for discussions about the GeoGebraWiki itself. If you want to contribute more to this wiki than adding examples and comments, please add your project idea to the list below for discussions or let us know what you are working on. If you need to change a lot of pages for your idea please contact Florian Sonner – there might be a more simple solution.

Wiki Structure


Please read or at least skim through the following pages if you want to help us. The listed pages contain vital information which help you understand the internal structure of this wiki.

How to organize the knowledge about GeoGebra? Write down your ideas and let it discuss by the community!


Who wants to help? Tell about you knowledge and write down you ideas at your user-page and add your name to the following list



Manual for version 4.0 is ready, manual for 4.2 is in progress. Command pages for new commands will be generated.


We should start a changelog which contains information about changed commands and tools, so that documentation can be changed easily on new release. No sense to do it now, but will be useful for 4.0 -> 4.2 transition.

Since there hasn't been any changelog till now, please look at Category:Outdated, pick a page, make sure it's compatible with 4.0 and set version parameter of Template:Manual Page to either 3.2 or 4.0, depending on whether the content of that page has changed between 3.2 and 4.0 manuals.


  • XML guide: Reference:Xml contains complete XML reference. In the future it would be nice to have a short tutorial on that page, since the auto-generated articles are not exactly easy to read.

Italian Wiki

Here there's the Italian Wiki todo list, mainly dedicated to IT translators. But this is also a page intended to contain a list of all possible changes to the GGB Official English Manual, compiled "live" when we find inconsistencies between the Wiki and the software.


Info templates

see Project:Village Pump/Infobox for details

  • Tools (Manual) -- done
  • Commands(Manual)
  • GUI (Manual) -- done
  • Objects (Manual)
  • Events
  • Tutorials
  • GeoGebra Institute

Markup templates

  • example
  • note
  • ggb and ggt templates from old wiki

... and a short guide on how and when these should be used

Wanted extensions

If you think we could use an extension that is not already installed, let us know.

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