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This page contains instructions how to perform common task in this wiki. If you are searching for tutorials and instructions for GeoGebra itself, please visit the Tutorial section.

How to add a new command

As said above all command-pages actually consists of two pages. To add a new -official- command to the wiki it's hence necessary to create two pages.

Create the official-version page

  1. Create a new page called "Manual:NAME Command". NAME is a placeholder for the name of the command, for e.g. the circle command page will be called "Manual:Circle Command".
  2. It's recommended to use an existing page like Manual:Circle Command as a starting point for your own command-page, so copy the source into your new page. The wiki definition-list syntax is used to list the different versions of one command.
  3. This page will contain the official manual and should be blocked by an administrator after creation.

Create the public page

  1. Now create a new page called "NAME Command". This page will later be used by the users to view the command's definition and to add own comments, tips, etc.
  2. The text below can be used as a starting point for this page.
  3. Save this page and the command should automatically be added to the list of commands visible in this category.

Copy the starting point for the public page:

<!-- DO NOT EDIT -->{{:Manual:{{PAGENAME}}}}<!-- END: DO NOT EDIT -->

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