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1. Training and Support
GeoGebra institute will organize training sessions. Trainers will provide GeoGebra support. The main aim is to expand GeoGebra usage not only in schools but also in Universities and other higher education institutions.

2. Development and Sharing
GeoGebra institute will help in translating program and other content that can be useful in Lithuanian language. It will also publish this content online and build web based sharing community where teachers will be able to find learning and teaching materials and share their own experiences. We plan to prepare video lectures for teachers, pupils and lecturers and share them on website

3. Research and Collaboration
GeoGebra institute will make local researches considering math education using GeoGebra as a tool and will inspire students to make their own researches. Lithuania will participate in international projects involving the use of technologies in teaching Mathematics. We will closely collaborate with Scandinavian and The Baltic countries.


Rokas Tamošiūnas (chair person)
Ričardas Juozas Kudžma
Laura Stepanauskienė
Vilija Šileikienė


GeoGebra Institute of Vilnius, Lithuania
Kazimieras Simonavičius University
J. Basanavičiaus g. 29/A LT-03109, Vilnius, Lithuania

Local website

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