GeoGebra Institute:2011 Annual Report GI Timisoara

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The GeoGebra Institute of Timisoara, Romania developed its work under the guidance of the leading group of Alexandra Fortiş, Valerian Antohe and Dan Lacrămă. Also several working teams were created for developing educational materials and for teacher training. We thank all our colleagues for implication and volunteering in this project.

Training and Support

Development and Sharing

The team is still working on the translation of the GeoGebra. A diploma thesis by student Florina Petrea (in progess) is based on a set of educational resources for evaluation activities in primary classes. (see [[1]])

Research and Collaboration



Valerian Antohe: GeoGebra software in teaching-learning process, in Annals. Computer Science Series, ISSN: 2065-7471, 2011 (

Alexandra Fortiș, Adriana Bînzar, Valerian Antohe: GeoGebra for All Ages, The Second International GeoGebra Conference, Linz, August 2011

Alexandra Fortiş, Viorica Bogdan: Geometria în spațiu la clasele primare (Space Geometry in Primary Classes) SmartKids International Symposium, Timișoara, December 2011 (to appear)

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