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Team: Kirsi Malinen, Mikko Rahikka, Hannu Korhonen, Kirsi Malinen, Juha Leino and Jarno Koskimäki.

Period 1.1.2011-15.6.2011


• Finnish Institute meeting at Tartu with Estonian Math Teachers' Conference 29.1.2011

• Secondary school meeting at Aleksis Kivi School 23.3.2011

• Finnish Institute of Geogebra meeting in Jyväskylä 18.4.2011

• Board Meeting 3.5.2011 with Skype

The following is a summary of the most important decisions, and as well as the project evolves.

== Our pages: ==, (fin) and our blog

Here we publish all of our work.

We are updating the page on a regular basis (for new blanks, trip reports, blog posts / news, etc.).

At the turn of the pages, there are 118 different types of learning objects produced by the Institute.

Mikko Rahikka made travel arrangements for a meeting in Tartu.

26.1.2011 Kari Teittinen created the upper secondary GeoGebra-site.

28-30.1.2011 Finnish GeoGebra Network conference tour to Tartu participated in 10 projects, active teachers.

The meeting was held in the Estonian mathematics teachers Arvutid koolimatematiikas conference in Tartu University Institute of Information Technology.

01.02.2011 upper secondary grade materials published on our website pages.

12.2.2011 Maol winter days in Lappeenranta, Hannu Mäkiö held Geogebra workshops for middle school mathematics, and from 11.45 to 12.30 14.45 to 15.30 Geogebra high school mathematics

25.2.2011 We got his own Facebook site.

15.4.2011 Mikko Rahikka attended a working meeting of the Nordic GeoGebra network Norway Hurtigruten cruise. The meeting was planned in Vilnius Conference, studied GeoGebra 4: CAS section and discussed the future of the Nordic project.

19.4.2011 Jarno Koskimäki published an article about computer as part of a short high school math (test too). ~ jarno/2011/mab2.html

19.4.2011 Jarno Koskimäki published an article with examples GeoGebra-long teaching high school mathematics students (scale ½ - high school courses). ~ jarno/2011/at6.html

31.05.2011 Geogebra 4 first translation was completed. (

period 16.6.2011-20.12.2011

• Teemu Hinkula participated in the GeoGebra Conference August 29 to August 31, 2011, Austria, Hagenberg.

The main theme of the conference was the publication of GeoGebra Version 4.

• Board meeting was held in Helsinki 08.09.2011 Helsinki.

• Our project members Kirsi Malinen, Mikko Rahikka, Jarno Koskimäki, Hannu Korhonen and Jussi Kytömäki participated in 30.9.-2.10. GeoGebra Conference 2011 in Vilnius. The main theme of the conference was to show and teach the new features of GeoGebra 4 also illustrated with GeoGebra 4.2 (beta) feature, CAS. Talks Hannu Korhonen and Mikko Rahikka, plenary speaker Sari Yrjänäinen

• Our project attended 10.8.11 Kerava MAOL held in the days. The program consisted of Kari Teittinen and Kirsi Malinen two performances. In addition, a workshop was held too.

• Network participated in a seminar in Otaniemi, 10/24/2011. It was organized by the Aalto University's 3rd Seminar on New Perspectives in Teaching Mathematics in 2011. Jarno Koskimäki GeoGebra presented for educational purposes.

Other important events:

Our site evolving all the time. The blog is easy to keep track of events and news.

31.8. Kirsi and Mikko met with Board of Education Counsellor Leo Pahkin and Christian Backund.

August 2011 GeoGebra 4: The Finnish translation is completed and published in connection with publication of the program. Translators were Juha Leino, Erkki Luoma-aho, Teemu Hinkula and Mikko Rahikka, expert assistance Simo Kivelä and Hannu Korhonen.

Helsinki yhteislyseo started a mathematics education-related international cooperation with Tartu Veeriku Kool (Kristi Kreuzberg), cooperation is based on the seventh grade students with GeoGebra software. She visited the Helsingin yhteislyseo 25.10.2011. He also serves as director of the Estonian GeoGebra Institute. The next major Geogebra conference will be held in Estonia 2012.

14.11.2011 Jarno Koskimäki published blog post on 7 grade teaching experience.

27.11.2011 Teemu Hinkula by Angry pendulun applet has been added to front page

GeoGebra translation was published 16/12/2011.

Hannu Korhonen, has written several articles about GeoGebra. They have been published in Dimension, Issue 2 / 2011 4 / 2011 and 5 / 2011.

Important new contacts: Sari Yrjänäinen the University of Tampere.

During the year 2011 Hannu Mäkiö has also trained teachers with Geogebra in Kuusamo, Keminmaa and the University of Oulu.

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