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GeoGebra allows you to create interactive webpages, so called Dynamic Worksheets, from your files. In the File Menu, you need to select item Export, then click on item Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html). This opens the export dialog window for Dynamic Worksheets (choose the tab Export as Webpage):

  • At the top of the export window you can enter the Title, Author, and a Date for your Dynamic Worksheet.
  • Tab General allows you to add some text above and below the dynamic construction (e. g., a description of the construction and some tasks).
  • Tab Advanced allows you to change the functionality of the dynamic construction (e. g., show a reset icon, double click to open the GeoGebra application window and browser features) as well as to modify the user interface shown in the interactive applet (e. g., show the Toolbar, modify height and width, enabling saving and printing, and others).
Note: If the size of your applet is too big to fit on a computer screen with standard resolution (1024 x 768), you may want to resize it before the actual export as a Dynamic Worksheet.

The exported HTML file (e. g. circle.html) can be viewed with any Internet browser (e. g. Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari). In order to let the dynamic construction work, Java has to be installed on the computer. You can get Java from http://www.java.com without charge. If you want to use your Dynamic Worksheet in your school's computer network, ask your local network administrator to install Java on the computers. Make sure that your Java install includes the plugin for browsers.

  • You can edit the Dynamic Worksheet text with many word processing systems (e. g. FrontPage, OpenOffice Writer) by opening the exported HTML file. You may also edit the Dynamic Worksheet applet by opening the GGB file in GeoGebra and saving it with the same name afterwards.
  • See Embedding to CMS, VLE (Moodle) and Wiki for details about exporting GeoGebra applets to these online systems.
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