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Note: The following only applies to GeoGebra Classic 5. For newer versions please see the ExportImage() command

This dialog is accessible via the Export submenu of File Menu (item Image-x-generic.png Graphics View as Picture (png, eps)….)

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + U (Mac OS: Cmd + Shift + U)

This dialog allows you to save GeoGebra's Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View as a picture file on your computer. In the appearing dialog window, you can select the picture file Format, change the Scale (in cm) and Resolution (in dpi) of the picture, and set the image as Transparent.

Note: If you create points called Export_1 and Export_2 then these will define the rectangle that is exported, otherwise just the visible Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View is exported

When exporting the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View as a picture you can choose out of the following formats:

PNG – Portable Network Graphics
This is a pixel graphics format. The higher the resolution (dpi), the better the quality (300dpi will usually suffice). PNG graphics should not be scaled subsequently to avoid a loss of quality.
PNG graphic files are well suited for the use on web pages (HTML) and in word processing documents.
Note: Whenever you insert a PNG graphic file into a word processing document (menu Insert, Image from file) make sure that the size is set to 100 %. Otherwise the given scale (in cm) would be changed.
EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
This is a vector graphics format. EPS pictures may be scaled without loss of quality. EPS graphic files are well suited for the use with vector graphics programs (e.g. Corel Draw) and professional text processing systems (e.g. LaTeX).
The resolution of an EPS graphic is always 72dpi. This value is only used to calculate the true size of an image in centimeters and has no effect on the image's quality.
Note: The transparency effect with filled polygons or conic sections is not possible with EPS. Objects can only be either 100% opaque or transparent.
PDF – Portable Document Format
(see EPS format above)
Note: In SVG and PDF export you have the option to export text as editable text or shapes. This stores the text either as text (this lets you edit the text in e.g. InkScape) or as Bézier curves (this guarantees that the text looks the same even if the correct font is not installed).
SVG – Scalable Vector Graphic
(see EPS format above)
EMF – Enhanced Metafile
(see EPS format above)
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