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<noinclude>{{Manual Page}}[[Category:Manual (official)|ConstructionStep Command]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>{{command|geogebra}}
;ConstructionStep[]: Returns the current Construction Protocol step as a number.
;ConstructionStep(): Returns the current ([Construction Protocol)] step as a number.
;ConstructionStep[Object]: Returns the Construction Protocol step for the given object as a number.
;ConstructionStep( <Object> ): Returns the ([Construction Protocol)] step for the given object as a number.

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Note Hint: If you enter ConstructionStep() ≟ ConstructionStep(text1) in the Conditional Visibility field of text1, the text will only be visible at one particular step as the viewer plays up the construction protocol. In this way, several comments may be added one after the other at different points in the construction. You may also make the text visible at the same time as another object if this object was constructed after the text itself.
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