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GeoGebra is backward compatible in sense that files created with older version should open in later versions. Sometime we make changes which will cause files to behave differently.

Differences from GeoGebra 4.4 to 5.0

  • The winding rule for self-intersecting polygons has changed so they will look different.

Differences from GeoGebra 3.2 to 4.0

  • lists of angles, integrals, barcharts, histograms etc. are now visible
  • lists {Segment[A,B], Segment[B,C] } are now draggable
  • circle with given radius (e.g. Circle[(1,1),2]) draggable
  • Distance[ Point, Segment ] gives distance to the Segment (was to the extrapolated line in 3.2)
  • Angle[A,B,C] now resizes if B is too close to A or C
  • Integral[function f,function g,a,b] is now transcribed to IntegralBetween[function f,function g,a,b].
  • Objects that are a translation by a free vector are now draggable, e.g. Translate[A, Vector[(1,1)]]
  • Points on paths may behave differently when the path is changed, e.g. point on conic.

LaTeX Equations

The LaTeX rendering is now nicer, but some errors in LaTeX syntax which were ignored in 3.2 will cause missing texts in 4.0.

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