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If you have somewhere a very long formula, please share it with us. This will save time for everybody!


  • A space before the formula leeds to the box around the line.
  • Don't hesitate it is not looking so good. That can be done by anybody else.
  • An easy solution to get the same look is to copy the lines of an other formula for you formula.

How to use the formulas

Just copy the text in the dotted box into you text-input-box. If the formula should be dynamic you need to insert the object at the place of the variable that is used here.


  • Slope for a straight line:
  • ""Quadratic Equation:""

a x^2\; +\; b x\; +\; c\; =\; 0

a x^2\; +\; b x\; +\; c\; =\; 0
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