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With this tool you can create static and dynamic text or LaTeX formulas in the Graphics View.

At first, you need to specify the location of the text in one of the following ways:

  • Click in the Graphics View to create a new text at this location.
  • Click on a point to create a new text that is attached to this point.
Napomena: You may specify the position of a text as absolute on screen or relative to the coordinate system on tab Basic of the Properties Dialog.

Then, a dialog appears where you may enter your text, which can be static, dynamic, or mixed.

The text you type directly in the Edit field is considered as static, i.e. it's not affected by the objects modifications. If you need to create a dynamic text, which displays the changing values of an object, select the related object from the Objects drop-down list. The corresponding name is shown, enclosed in a grey box, in the Edit field, and its value is displayed in the Preview box. Right-clicking on the grey box allows you to select "Definition" or "Value" for each dynamic object.

It is also possible to perform algebraic operations or apply specific commands to these objects, just clicking in the grey box and typing the algebraic operation or GeoGebra text command desired. The results of these operations will be dynamically shown in the resulting text, in the Graphics View.

Best visual results are obtained when using LaTex formatting for the formulas. Its use is simple and intuitive: just check the LaTeX Formula box, and select the desired formula template from the drop-down list. You can also select a variety of mathematical symbols and operators from the Symbols drop-down list.

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