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GeoGebra Manual
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In GeoGebra (v. 4.0)

  • When your construction is done, select File > Export > Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage.
  • In the export dialog, select the Export as Webpage tab, (for the purpose of exporting it is not necessary to fill in the text fields for text displayed above and below the construction), then click on the Advanced tab.
  • Type the desired export dimensions in the Width and Height text fields, then activate the Remove Line Breaks checkbox.
  • Select Clipboard: Moodle from the list displayed in the Files section of the dialog window, in order to copy in the system Clipboard the <applet> .... </ applet> string, that defines your construction, then press the Export button.

In the Wordpress Article

  • Select "HTML" view for your article, instead of usual "Visual" view.
  • Copy the code
  • Publish
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