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GeoGebra Manual
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In order to start GeoGebra from the command line you have to either install GeoGebra using the offline installers or make sure you have all the *.jar files in one directory. You can download them here:


When using *.jar files directly

java -jar geogebra.jar [OPTION] [FILE]

Usage on Windows (if installed via off-line installer)

C:/Program Files/Geogebra/geogebra.exe [OPTION] [FILE]

Usage on Linux (if installed via deb or rpm packages)

geogebra [OPTION] [FILE]

Starts GeoGebra with the specified OPTIONs and opens the given FILE.


--help print help message
--v print version information, e.g. GeoGebra 20 August 2011 Java 1.6.0_26
--language=ISO_CODE set language using locale code, e.g. en, de_AT
--antiAliasing=BOOLEAN turn antialiasing on (true) or off (false)
--showAlgebraWindow=BOOLEAN show/hide Algebra View
--showSpreadsheet=BOOLEAN show/hide Spreadsheet View
--showCAS=BOOLEAN show/hide CAS View
--showAlgebraInput=BOOLEAN show/hide algebra Input Bar
--showAxes=BOOLEAN show/hide coordinate axes
--enableUndo=BOOLEAN enable/disable Undo
--showGrid=BOOLEAN show/hide coordinate grid
--showSplash=BOOLEAN show splash screen on startup
--settingsFile=BOOLEAN load/save settings from/in a local file
--resetSettings resets settings to defaults
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