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New Commands (postponed to GeoGebra 5.2)

  • SolveQuartic[ <Quartic Polynomial> ]
  • DensityPlot, syntax to be confirmed. Try DensityPlot[ sin(x)+sin(y) ]
  • MatrixPlot, syntax to be confirmed. Try MatrixPlot[{{0.9, 0.08, 0.03}, {0.15, 0.8, 0.05}, {0.25, 0.25, 0.5}}]
  • ContourPlot, syntax to be confirmed. Try ContourPlot[x^2+y^2]
  • Nyquist, to be confirmed
  • CompetitionRank
  • Polyhedron

New Command Line Arguments

You can get the command line arguments for the SingularWS subsystems by using --singularWShelp, namely:

--singularWS=OPTIONS	set options for SingularWS
  where OPTIONS is a comma separated list, formed with the following available settings (defaults in brackets):
     enable:BOOLEAN	use Singular WebService when possible [true]
     remoteURL:URL	set the remote server URL []
     timeout:SECS	set the timeout [5]
     caching:BOOLEAN	set server side caching [auto]
 Example: singularWS=timeout:3

If you use command line arguments, make sure you allocate enough memory, eg:
java -Xms32m -Xmx1024m -jar geogebra.jar
Description of all Command Line Arguments

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