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This is our little local village pump (inspired by Wikipedia). This place is intended for discussions about the GeoGebraWiki itself. If you want to contribute more to this wiki than adding examples and comments, please add your project idea to the list below for discussions or let us know what you are working on. If you need to change a lot of pages for your idea please contact Florian Sonner – there might be a more simple solution.

Wiki Structure


Please read or at least skim through the following pages if you want to help us. The listed pages contain vital information which help you understand the internal structure of this wiki.

  • Project description – a forum post which contains an introduction why this project has been started
  • [Help:Contents|Official MediaWiki Help Document] [1] – describes the functionality and idea of a wiki and the commands you can use to edit a page
  • [Project:Structure|GeoGebraWiki Structure] [2] – describes the structure of this wiki (e.g. the namespaces used)
  • [Project:Structure#Manual|Manual Structure] [3] – describes the special structure of the manual and the reasons behind this
  • [Project:HowTo|How To] [4] – instructions how to perform certain common tasks

How to organize the knowledge about GeoGebra? Write down your ideas and let it discuss by the community!


Who wants to help? Tell about you knowledge and write down you ideas at your user-page and add your name to the following list



Just tool and command pages were transferred from the old manual until now, but the manual consists of a lot more which has to be transferred. Before transferring the content we also have to think about a way to organize the content in a more wiki-like way. --Florian Sonner 16:52, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

As I already mentioned somewhere: In my opinion there are more kind of keywords necessary like:
  • Object ...
  • Property ... exemple: the name of an object
  • View ... names for "visible" parts, not only the main parts like graficview, algebraview, ... but for little parts like columns, rows and cell, too
  • Menu ... mainmenu, submenu and commands there
Hope it is not too late, but the pagenames Category:Herramientas would be better readable, if the "Tool" is in brackets: Angle Tool -> Angle (Tool).
--Birgit Lachner
  • not sure what you mean by "keywords". Categories? Use of categories should be automatized via the infoboxes.
  • renaming articles
    1. maybe too late
    2. generally it's better to have as few non-letters in URL as possible

--Kondr 23:09, 18 June 2010 (UTC)

Yes I ment Categories. In the last months a lot was changed. Seems to be on a good way! If I could help to do some slavery-work for you ... like adding the templates (note, exemple, ...) ... call me. --Birgit Lachner 07:24, 31 August 2010 (UTC)
Contributions are always welcome! :) We already have Template:Note and Template:Example but not all command / tool pages use them, it would be great if you could add them to these pages if necessary. --Florian Sonner 22:12, 31 August 2010 (UTC)
If there is interest, you can use an adaptation of a gadget from Portuguese Wikibooks (made in JavaScript and jQuery), to simplify the titles of items in "Tools" and "Commands" categories without needing to rename the pages themselves. It would be something like this:
if ( 'Category' === wgCanonicalNamespace && $.inArray( wgTitle, [ 'Tools', 'Commands' ] ) > -1 ) {
	$(function () {
		var regexForCats = new RegExp(wgTitle + '?$','g');
		$('#mw-pages a').each(function (index) {
			$(this).html(function(i, old) {
				return old.replace(regexForCats, '');
This could be either added to the site js, using MediaWiki:Common.js (or to some gadget so that users can enable/disable it on Special:Preferences as they like).
PS: I wasn't able to test it here since wgAllowUserJs seems to be set to false in this wiki, but the code seems to be correct. Helder 20:43, 16 April 2011 (CEST)


We should start a changelog which contains information about changed commands and tools, so that documentation can be changed easily on new release. No sense to do it now, but will be useful for 4.0 -> 4.2 transition.

Since there hasn't been any changelog till now, please look at Versión Preliminar Próxima, pick a page, make sure it's compatible with 4.0 and set version parameter of Template:Manual Page to either 3.2 or 4.0, depending on whether the content of that page has changed between 3.2 and 4.0 manuals.


  • XML guide: Referencia:XML contains complete XML reference. In the future it would be nice to have a short tutorial on that page, since the auto-generated articles are not exactly easy to read.

Multi-language sidekicks

I guess we could

  • start Interwiki
  • use version parameter to show some "outdated infobox" + outdated category if version of sideḱick article is older than English one
  • prepare a script, which generates Command and Tool pages from 3.2 manual including cross-language link to English original (I guess the English ones were generated by such script), set version of all auto-generated pages to 3.2
  • in each sidekick create a "translation progress" page which contains mapping of English -> non-English article mapping + some info about outdated pages
  • to Talk of each non-tool & non-command page add something like "translation start point" pointing to appropriate current help node

Translation would work like this:

  • user looks at the "translation progress" page and picks an untranslated article
  • creates translation, sets version to match English version
  • adds cross-language link to English article
  • once all pages are translated, user looks at "outdated" list ad picks an article
  • creates translation, sets version to match English version
  • once all articles are created, one has to set their order in the book. May be done by bots, but user assistance would help.
  • if user is not capable of using wiki properly, she can add some "cleanup required" template and someone with more wiki skills will help.

Italian Wiki

Here there's the Italian Wiki todo list, mainly dedicated to IT translators. But this is also a page intended to contain a list of all possible changes to the GGB Official English Manual, compiled "live" when we find inconsistencies between the Wiki and the software.


Info templates

see en:Project:Village Pump/Infobox for details

  • Tools (Manual) -- done
  • Commands(Manual)
  • GUI (Manual) -- done
  • Objects (Manual)
  • Events
  • Tutorials
  • GeoGebra Institute

Markup templates

  • example
  • note
  • ggb and ggt templates from old wiki

... and a short guide on how and when these should be used

Wanted extensions

  • math (discussed at Admin's talk)
    • Alread activated: \frac{x+y}{2}=\sqrt{z^2-1}
  • Liquid threads mw:Extension:LiquidThreads
  • ImageMap mw:Extension:ImageMap -- not much use cases, but may be nice
  • Under the input area the existing templates so that I just need to click on it to get the code. BTW ... are there rules how to enter special thinks? Like GeoGebra-Parts, text from the menus, commands in the menus, ...
    It is possible to add buttons to such templates to the toolbar itself as described below. Helder 18:20, 29 April 2011 (CEST)
  • an extended toolbar for the editor
    This can be globally configured using MediaWiki:Common.js or in a per-user basis if wgAllowUserJs is enabled. It is probably possible to create a bookmarklet to save in your browser, which could add such buttons (even if wgAllowUserJs is not enabled). Besides, there is the mw:Extension:WikiEditor (only compatible with MediaWiki 1.17+, available since 22/06/2011) which is the default toolbar on Wikipedia and has a better interface and organizes the buttons in groups / sections. Helder 18:20, 29 April 2011 (CEST)

Adding or updating information in Tools

Hi. I have observed that the information in the Tool Reflect Object about Circle is outdated. I wanted to ask I'm I allowed to make changes in that page or its reserved to the developers? Regards, Jtico 01:04, 30 June 2011 (CEST)

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