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El Manual de GeoGebra presenta dos componentes

Ejemplo: There is page Herramienta_de_Punto, which is included into Herramienta_de_Punto.


  1. Everybody is welcome to contribute to the public space manual
  2. Some volunteers for manual namespace are also welcome.

How to contribute to public space manual

  1. You will need account on this wiki. There is no way to transfer accounts from old wiki.
  2. Make sure that your planned contribution is specific for one command / feature. Otherwise consider creating a tutorial.
  3. Use the Edit link of page you want to edit.
  4. To make wiki more usable, use Help

How to contribute to manual namespace

  1. Ask at GeoGebraWiki_Talk:Village Pump for the rights.
  2. Use the conventions mentioned for the public space
  3. Each Manual namespace page has an [:Category:Info templates|info template] [1]. Before editing the template inclusion please read the template's documentation (you shouldn't need to do it though).
  4. If you want some changes to be done in info templates themselves, use talk page of that template.
  5. For now the most important task is going through all the pages in Category <--[:Category:Outdated] [2], making sure they don't miss any important information and tagging them with suitable version -- i.e. if you edit the page so that it's nicely formatted and compatible with GG 3.2, add parameter "version=3.2" to the Manual Page template. If you are sure the page is 4.0 compatible, add "version=4.0" there.-->
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