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What are Views

GeoGebra provides different Views for mathematical objects, which are displayed in different representations (e.g. algebraic and graphical) and are linked dynamically. This means that if you modify an object in any of the Views, its representations in the other Views automatically adapt to these changes if possible.

It is possible to customize the position and dimensions of the Views on the screen of your device, by dragging them with the mouse (version 5) or by selecting the View menu, then dragging the icon on the top right corner of the View that you wish to move (version 6).

Main Views

Algebra-View.png Algebra View Algebra View:

Algebraic representations of objects are displayed and can be entered directly using the (virtual) keyboard (e.g. coordinates of points, equations).

Graphics-View-empty.png Graphics View Graphics View:

Mathematical objects can be constructed with your mouse or by using a touch pad and changed dynamically afterwards.

3D Graphics View 3D Graphics View:

Three dimensional mathematical objects can be constructed and changed dynamically.

Spreadsheet View Spreadsheet View:

You can work with data and explore statistical concepts.

CAS View CAS View:

GeoGebra's Computer Algebra System can be used for numerical and symbolic computations.

Other Display Features

Menu view construction protocol.svg Construction Protocol: This interactive list of your construction steps allows you to redo your construction step by step.

Menu view probability.svg Probability Calculator: Allows you to easily calculate and graph probability distributions.

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