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Type( <Object> )

For conics and quadrics this command returns a number representing the conic/quadric type according to the table below. In this context empty conic (or quadric) is one where all coefficients are defined, but the conic (quadric) contains no points, e.g. x2+y2=-1. For conics GeoGebra distinguishes double line (special case of parallel lines with distance 0) and single line (special case of circle with infinite diameter, may result from circle inversion). For quadrics there is no such distinction.

Example: Type(x²+y²=1) yields 4 which stands for circle.

Value Type of conic Type of quadric
1 Single point Single point
2 Intersecting lines
3 Ellipse Ellipsoid
4 Circle Sphere
5 Hyperbola
6 Empty Empty
7 Double line
8 Parallel lines
9 Parabola Paraboloid
10 Line Line
30 Cone
31 Cylinder
33 Plane
34 Parallel planes
35 Intersecting planes
36 Hyperboloid of one sheet
37 Hyperboloid of two sheets
38 Parabolic cylinder
39 Hyperbolic cylinder
40 Hyperbolic paraboloid
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