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Note: For Windows 8 / Windows RT tablet app tutorial see Tutorial:Tablet App Quickstart (Windows)


Currently you can:

  • Download and install the tablet app on Android devices running Android 4.0.3 or newer with 7" screen, and iPad 2 or newer.
  • To install it on Amazon Kindle, just go to the Amazon store and look up GeoGebra, or click here. It should work with all Kindle Fire devices, except first generation ones.
  • To install the app on any other Android device, you should be able to get it from Opera Mobile Store

The app has three modes.

Editing mode

The app starts in this mode, displaying an empty construction. On the top of screen there is a Menu Bar containing four icons:

  • And New.png New creates a new file
  • And Browse.png Search switches to browser mode, allowing you to open the constructions you saved locally or on GeoGebra
  • And Save.png Save saves the construction using the current construction title, which is written to the right of the button. Modifying the construction title also saves the construction. The save button is inactive if all changes are saved.
  • And Undo Redo.png Undo, Redo undoes or repeats one construction step.

You can use the tools from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to create new objects; the available tools in the tablet version have the same icons and basic features of the corresponding tools of the desktop version. Slight differences depend mostly on the non-availability of the "right click" action in tablets.

Example: The position of a slider in the Graphics View can be changed by dragging it only when the Slider tool is selected.

On top of the behaviours you may know from GeoGebra desktop application, you may use "swiping" with some tools. To draw a segment select the Segment Tool, put your finger on the desired start point, then drag it to the desired end point. The same works for the Ray Tool and the Line Tool.

Note: See the article about tools for further details.

In the bottom right corner there is a small Input Bar: by tapping on it the Input Bar emerges, allowing you to use GeoGebra's commands or type functions and equations.

Note: See the article about commands for further details

You can access almost all features of the desktop version using the scripting commands:

  • To turn on the trace of a previously created point A, use SetTrace[A, true]
  • To turn on the animation of a previously created slider t, use StartAnimation[t]
  • To change the xAxis:yAxis ratio, use SetAxesRatio[1, 2]
  • To change the style of point A to look like an X, use SetPointStyle[A, 1]

Note: See for details the Quickstart for Web and Tablet App

Browser mode

In this mode you can open the locally saved constructions (left side of the screen) or constructions from GeoGebra (right side). The first tap selects the construction and displays the following options:

  • Open in Worksheet mode
  • Open in Editing mode
  • Delete construction

If you tap on a construction twice, it works as opening it in Worksheet mode.

Worksheet mode

In this mode you can view GeoGebra worksheets, including the instructions above and below the construction. Local worksheets are displayed without instructions.

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