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Thank you for your interest in translating the GeoGebra Introductory Book to your language! This book can be used both for workshops and for self learning and includes many practice examples. The book can be translated using Libre Office Writer or Microsoft Word by following the steps below.

Download Book Files

Download the latest version of the English book "Introduction to GeoGebra" with accompanying construction files from and unpack it on your computer.

Updating translators: Please look for a text file after unpacking the English book files to find out about changes compared to a previous version of the book. You can find all old versions of the English introductory book and book translations at


Open the Files in MS Word / Open Office Writer

First time translators: Open the English Introductory Book document and save it under a name that shows your language, e.g. ggb-intro-es40.doc ("es" for Spanish).

Updating translators: Open the latest Introductory Book document (doc format) in your language.

Translate the Text

First time translators: In order to translate the text, replace the English text by your translated text. Make sure to read the notes below carefully.

Updating translators: Use the changes txt file found in the English zip file to update your translation.

Important Notes:

  • DO NOT translate the table of contents at the beginning of the document! It will be generated automatically.
  • DO NOT delete any hyperlinks (see Translate Hyperlinks below).
  • DO NOT delete any images (e.g. toolbar icons).
  • DO NOT change any formatting of the text (i.e. font size, bold, italics)

Translate the Hyperlinks

After translating all text of the GeoGebra Introductory Book, you should go through all hyperlinks to check if they are in your language:

  1. In order to translate an hyperlink, click into the middle of the word of the hyperlink and start typing your translation. This keeps the hyperlink and lets you insert your translated hyperlink text. Then delete the English letters at the beginning and the end of your translated hyperlink text.
  2. Repeat step 1 for every hyperlink that is not in your language yet.
  3. Many of the hyperlinks in this document link to the corresponding GeoGebra files or to pictures. If you plan to translate their file names as well, please change the hyperlinks accordingly.


Please add a section "Translated by" with your names below the authors.

Submitting your Translation

After finishing your translation please save your file in .doc format and send it to via e-mail. If you have also translated the GeoGebra files, please pack everything into a zip file and send this one.

Thank you for your work and support of GeoGebra! The GeoGebra Team

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