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Tooltips are texts that appear next to your mouse cursor when you hover the cursor over an object in Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View. Additionally a tooltip appears, if you hover the cursor over a tool icon in the Toolbar (GeoGebra Desktop Version) or select a tool in the Toolbar (GeoGebra Web and Tablet App Version). In the Advanced tab of Properties Dialog you can specify five tooltip modes:

Tooltips are shown if Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View only is active. Tooltip contains object type and name; in case of dependent objects the tooltip also includes object description.
Tooltips are shown whether Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View is shown or not. Content of the Tooltip is the same as for Automatic.
No tooltip is shown.
Caption of the object is used as tooltip. You can set Caption in Basic tab of Properties Dialog.
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If the object is a Menu view spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet cell, content of the cell to the right is used as tooltip.

In Advanced tab of Options Dialog you may also specify the language and timeout for tooltips.

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