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GeoGebra’s Tools enable you to produce new Objects using your pointing device. They can be activated by clicking on the corresponding buttons of the Toolbar.
Note: All Tools have their Commands equivalents which are suitable for more complicated constructions.

Different Toolbars for Different Views

Each View except the Algebra View Algebra View has its own Toolbar, providing Tools specific for the View you are working with.

Once you start using another View within the GeoGebra window, the Toolbar changes automatically. If you open another View in a separate window, it will have its Toolbar attached.


Each Toolbar is divided into Toolboxes, containing one or more related Tools. You may open a Toolbox by clicking

  • on one of the default Tools in the Toolbar (GeoGebra Web and Tablet Apps)
  • on the little arrow in the lower right corner of the default Tools (GeoGebra Desktop).

You can reorder these Toolboxes and save the setting in the GeoGebra Worksheet (*.ggb). See Customizing the Toolbar for details.

More Information about Tools

For more information please check our complete list of all available Tools as well as the general information about Toolbars, creating Custom Tools and Customizing the Toolbar.

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