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On this page you will find specific tips on how to use GeoGebra that might not be covered in our introductory materials or the user manual.

List of Tips

Share Your Own Tips

You can share your own tips by creating a new page with "Tips:" as a prefix of the page name, e.g. "Tips:Restricted Functions" and add your tip as a content. Here are some suggestions for writing new tips:

  • Keep it very short and simple ;-)
  • Be specific: use specific numbers, functions, etc. in your examples instead of variables or placeholders.
  • Don't explain the syntax of a command but just add a link to the manual. See Tips:Restricted Functions for an example.
  • Emphasize GeoGebra commands like Function[f,-2,2] by putting the text bewetten <code> and </code> tagscs:Tipy

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