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Text objects can be easily created using Text Command or Mode text.svg Insert Text Tool, or by dragging an object from the Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View to the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View. Another way for advanced users (described below) is typing into Input Bar directly.


Static text
does not depend on any mathematical objects and is usually not affected by changes of the construction.
Dynamic text
contains values of objects that automatically adapt to changes made to these objects.
Mixed text
is a combination of static and dynamic text. In order to create a mixed text you may enter the static part of the text using the keyboard (e.g. Point A =). Then, click on the object whose value you want to display in the dynamic part of the text.

Input via Input Bar

Texts can also be created using the Input Bar. In this case the syntax, which seperates the dynamic and static parts, is to be considered.

Note: GeoGebra automatically adds the syntax ("Point A = " + A ) necessary to create your mixed text: quotation marks around the static part of the text and a plus (+) symbol to connect the different parts of the text.
Input Description
This is static text Static text
A Dynamic text (if point A exists)
"Point A = " + A Two-part mixed text using the value of point A
"a = " + a + "cm" Three-part mixed text using the value of number a
Note: If an object with the name xx already exists and you want to create a static text using the object’s name, you need to enter it with quotation marks ("xx"). Otherwise, GeoGebra will automatically create a dynamic text that gives you the value of object xx instead of its name. However, you can type any text that doesn’t match any existing object’s name without the quotation marks.
Note: Within a mixed text, the static part needs to be in between a pair of quotation marks. Different parts of a text (e.g. static and dynamic parts) can be connected using plus (+) symbols. Since 4.0, the + symbols are not mandatory.
Note: Text objects can also use LaTeX for typesetting math.
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