StartLogging Command

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StartLogging( "<Sensor>", <Variable>, <Limit (optional)>, "<Sensor>", <Variable>, <Limit (optional)>, ...)
For data logging, e. g. from a phone. For each sensor define the variable to which the values should be logged -- the variable should be a number, a list or a data function. The limit arguments set how many last values of a variable are set (for logging into lists and data functions). Currently supported values for sensor variables
  • "Ax","Ay","Az" for accelerometer,
  • "Ox", "Oy", "Oz" for orientation,
  • "Mx", "My", "Mz" for magnetic field,
  • "proximity" for proximity sensor,
  • "light" for lightness,
  • "loudness" for loudness
  • "time" for timestamp
  • "datacount" number of transmitted datapoints
  • "appID" -- not a sensor, should be followed by text containing the code generated by mobile app.
Note: See also the StopLogging command.
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