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Slider( <Min>, <Max>, <Increment>, <Speed>, <Width>,<Is Angle>, <Horizontal>, <Animating>, <Boolean Random>)
Creates a slider. The parameters settings can be as follows:
  • Min, Max: set the range of the slider - These parameters are compulsory.
  • Increment: set the increment of the slider's value - default: 0.1
  • Speed: set the slider speed during animations - default: 1
  • Width: sets the slider width in pixels - default: 200
  • Is Angle: sets if the slider is related to an angle. This parameter can be true or false - default: false
  • Horizontal: sets whether the slider is shown as an horizontal (true) or vertical (false) segment - default: true
  • Animating: sets the automatic animation of the slider - default: false
  • Random: sets if the slider assumes continuous values in the [Min, Max] range (false), or random values in the same interval (true) - default: false
Note: See also the Mode slider.svg Slider tool.
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