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This article describes how to easily embed GeoGebra materials in your website.

Note: In case you need extra customization, JavaScript API or offline support, please see Math Apps Embedding.

To get the iframe code for a material, open the material, click the Menu-file-share.svg Share icon and then select Embed. You will get a code similar to this:

<iframe scrolling="no"
style="border:0px;" allowfullscreen>

The language of the GeoGebra user interface (toolbar, menu, ...) is set to the browser's language.

Description Code Example
Enable Right Click, Zooming and Keyboard Editing rc /rc/true
Show Input Bar ai /ai/true
Enable Shift-Drag & Zoom sdz /sdz/true
Show Menu Bar smb /smb/true
Show Toolbar stb /stb/true
Show Toolbar Help stbh /stbh/true
Allow label dragging ld /ld/true
Show reset icon (top-right) sri /sri/true
Show play button that starts the construction ctl /ctl/true
Show full-screen button. Make sure you also add allowfullscreen to the iframe tag sfsb /sfsb/true
Show zoom buttons szb /szb/true
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