Prism Command

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Prism( <Point>, <Point>, ... )
Returns a prism defined by the given points.
Prism(A, B, C, D) creates the prism with base ABC and top DEF. The vectors AD, BE, CF are equal.
Prism( <Polygon>, <Point> )
Creates a prism with the given polygon as base and the point as first top point.
Prism(poly1, A) creates a prism with base poly1 and top point A.
Prism( <Polygon>, <Height value> )
Creates a right prism with the polygon as base and given height.
Prism(poly1, 3) creates a prism with base poly1 and height 3.
Note: See also Mode prism.svg Prism and Mode extrusion.svg Extrude to Prism tools.
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