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Global options may be changed in the menu Menu-options.svg Options.

Note: To change object settings, please use the Context Menu and Menu-options.svg Properties Dialog.

Algebra Descriptions

You can set how objects will be represented in Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View with this item. There are three possibilities:

  • Value: show current value of the object.
  • Definition: show user-friendly description of the object, e.g. "Intersection of a and b."
  • Command: show the command that was used to create the object, e.g. "Intersect[a,b]".


This menu item allows you to set the number of decimal places or significant figures displayed on screen.

Menu-options-labeling.svg Labeling

You can specify whether the label of a newly created object should be shown or not. You can choose between the settings Automatic, All New Objects, No New Objects, New Points Only'.

Note: The setting Automatic shows the labels of newly created objects if the Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View is shown.

Menu-options-font-size.svg Font Size

This menu item determines the font size for labels and text in points (pt).

Note: If you are using GeoGebra as a presentation tool, increasing the font size makes it easier for your audience to read the text, labels, and algebraic input you are using.

Menu-options-language.svg Language

GeoGebra is multilingual and allows you to change the current language setting. This affects all input including command names and all output.

Note: No matter which language was selected, the globe icon will lead you back to the Language menu. All language names are always displayed in English.

Menu Properties Gear.png Advanced (GeoGebra Desktop Version only)

This menu item opens the Advanced section of the Preferences Dialog.

Note: You can also open this dialog window by right clicking (Mac OS: Ctrl‐click) on the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View or Menu view spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet View and selecting Graphics ... or Spreadsheet Options respectively.

Menu-file-save.svg Save Settings

GeoGebra remembers your favorite settings (e.g. settings in the Options menu, current Toolbar and Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View settings) if you select Save settings in the Options menu.

Restore Default Settings

You can restore the default settings of GeoGebra using this menu item.

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