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To help keeping all pages of the GeoGebra wiki organized this wiki follows a specific structure, not only by utilizing namespaces and categories but also by a specific page-name syntax. This document is intended to help contributors understand the structure of this wiki so they can create pages which follow that structure.


Many pages of this wiki are part of a namespace. The table below lists all namespaces and the pages which should be filed under that namespace. One problem of namespaces occurs in combination with categories. A page which is part of a namespace is normally sorted by the namespace-name in categories (e.g. "Help:Structure" would be filed under "H"), to prevent this it's necessary to use a sort key.

Namespace Purpose
Main A special namespace for the entries which are part of the official GeoGebra manual. (See Manual paragraph)
Tutorials All pages which explains in a step-by-step manner how to use GeoGebra (or another program related to GeoGebra).
Reference Reference pages are in-detail pages listing various information about the program for more tech-savvy users (e.g. the XML specification).
Help Pages which are intended to help users to use this wiki (e.g. like this page). Not intended for GeoGebra-related help pages.


The GeoGebra wiki in this version was set-up to combine the powers of the GeoGebra manual as a source for information with the daily-life experience of the users. The official manual has been translated into numerous languages so inserting detailed examples and tips into the official manual directly isn't possible.

In order to save the translators and original writers the hassle of keeping the wiki- and offline-version of the manual up-to-date simultaneously the official manual is now maintained in the wiki and the offline version has to be generated out of the wiki pages.

As normal users should not be able to modify this official version of the manual but solely should be able to add tips, comments etc. to existing pages the whole manual-section of this wiki was divided into two parts. One part, containing the original, official manual is saved in the main namespace, but the other part, to which the user can add comments, is included in the "Comments" namespace (for ease-of-use).

So e.g. the "Circle Command" page actually consists of a "Circle Command" and a "Comments:Circle Command" page, where the non-prefixed version contains the various definitions for this command with a one-line explanation. This version is used to generate the official manual and hence has to restrict itself in the use of images and can't use dynamic elements, like applets, altogether. The official version of a page can't be changed by normal users.

The normal user of this wiki just sees the "Circle Command" version of this page which includes the official version at the top and allows the user to add custom examples to the bottom. As just the official version is protected everybody can add her/his comments to this page.

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