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Best practices of GeoGebra Institutes 1. Training and Support:

  • offering trainings and online courses for teachers and future GeoGebra trainers, users:
Workshop in Bhilai, India
Workshop in Delhi
Online course in Australia
Online course in Canada
  • offering certification processes for teachers
  • organising graduate, post-graduate or other courses on GG and its use in all related fields
  • organising “roadshow” workshops to remote areas
  • supporting local and web users via email, facebook page
Geogebra Tunisia Facebook page
@mathhombre Twitter

2. Development and Sharing:

  • developing and evaluating free GeoGebra teaching materials (online and video tutorials, applets, interactive e-textbook, competitions for teachers)
GeoGebra in 10 lessons
GeoGebra tutorials
Australian GeoGebra resources
Methods of teaching with GeoGebra-University of Iowa
Math e-learning platform
GeoGebra tutorials in Spanish
Spanish Tutorials and Slides

Resources of GeoGebra Institute Madrid
  • developing local and regional networks of GG users (mailing lists, forums,websites etc.)
GeoGebra network in Germany
  • developing students’ network around GG
GeoGebra Ambassadors in schools
  • translating GeoGebra documentation to local languages
  • hosting local and regional (for e.g. Asia, midwest-USA, Africa, Southern-Europe, Northern-Europe etc.) conferences
Latin-American GeoGebra conference
GeoGebra North-American conference
GeoGebra workshop Maine
  • promoting GG in workshops, conferences, competitions (for e.g. Math Olympics) and exhibitions to share knowledge and experience
  • organizing competitions
Competition for teachers in Poland
  • setting up and maintaining own websites, which are linked to the main IGI website
GeoGebra Tunisia website-MonMaths
  • developing websites to foster the use and sharing of GeoGebra materials suitable for national curricula
GeoGebra IOWA resources
  • developing blogs
Math and Multimedia
Mathematics Academy

3. Research and Collaboration:

  • designing and implementing research projects on GG (for e.g. use of technology in mathematics education, action research)
  • supporting students in their thesis work or PhD to conduct research on the use of GG in various fields
Miami students
  • publishing articles, books on GG, launching Geogebra Journals

North-American GeoGebra Journal GeoGebra International Journal of Romania Latin-American GeoGebra Journal

  • providing feedback to training and development activities
  • promoting research collaboration at a local and regional level
  • collaborating with national level educational offices: for e.g. to integrate GeoGebra into local curricula, accredit courses by ministry of education
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