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Factor( <Polynomial> )
Factors the polynomial.
Factor(x^2 + x - 6) yields (x - 2) (x + 3).
Note: This command needs to load the Computer Algebra System, so can be slow on some computers.

Note Hint: In the Menu view cas.svg CAS View you can also use the following syntax:
Factor( <Number> )
Expresses a number in its prime factorization
Factor(360) yields 2³ 3² 5.
Factor( <Expression>, <Variable> )
Factors an expression with respect to a given variable.
  • Factor(x^2 - y^2, x) yields (x - y) (x + y), the factorization of x2 - y2 with respect to x,
  • Factor(x^2 - y^2, y) yields -(y - x) (y + x), the factorization of x2 - y2 with respect to y.
Note: This command factors expressions over the Rational Numbers. To factor over irrational real numbers, see the IFactor Command. To factor over complex numbers, see the CFactor Command and CIFactor Command.
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