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Factor( <Polynomial> )
Factors the polynomial.
Factor(x^2 + x - 6) yields (x - 2) (x + 3).
Note: This command needs to load the Computer Algebra System, so can be slow on some computers.

CAS Syntax

In the Menu view cas.svg CAS View you can also use the following syntax:

Factor( <Number> )
Expresses a number in its prime factorization
Factor(360) yields 2³ 3² 5.
Factor( <Expression>, <Variable> )
Factors an expression with respect to a given variable.
  • Factor(x^2 - y^2, x) yields (x - y) (x + y), the factorization of x2 - y2 with respect to x,
  • Factor(x^2 - y^2, y) yields -(y - x) (y + x), the factorization of x2 - y2 with respect to y.

Note: This command factors expressions over the Rational Numbers. To factor over irrational real numbers, see the IFactor Command. To factor over complex numbers, see the CFactor Command and CIFactor Command.
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