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To create a webpage including interactive GeoGebra construction, you have to upload the construction to GeoGebra and use the Embed button in the teacher page.

You can then paste the resulting code into your online content management system or you can save it as .html file using a text editor like Notepad and add texts above and below the construction.

Advanced settings

The Advanced Settings button allows you to change the functionality of the dynamic construction (e.g. show a reset icon and browser features) as well as to modify the user interface shown in the interactive applet (e.g. show the Toolbar, modify height and width, enabling saving and printing, and others).

Note: If the size of your applet is too big to fit on a computer screen with standard resolution (1024 x 768), you may want to resize it before the actual export as a Dynamic Worksheet.


  • Enable right click, zooming and keyboard editing features: By selecting this feature you will be able to right click objects or the drawing pad in order to access the features of the context menu (e.g. show / hide object or label, trace on / off, Properties dialog). It is also possible to use the common keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enable dragging of labels: By selecting this feature you are able to drag labels of points or objects.
  • Show icon to reset construction: A reset icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the interactive applet allowing your students to reset the interactive figure to its initial state.

User interface:

  • Show menubar: The menubar is displayed within the interactive applet.
  • Show toolbar: The toolbar is displayed within the interactive applet allowing to use the geometry tools.
  • Show inputbar: The input field is displayed at the bottom of the interactive applet allowing to use algebraic input and commands for explorations.
Note: If you reduce the size of the applet important parts of the dynamic worksheets might be invisible for users.
Note Hint: If you include the menubar, toolbar, or input field you might want to adjust the height of the interactive applet.
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