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Cross( <Vector u> , <Vector v> )
Calculates the cross product of u and v. Instead of vectors you can also use lists.
Cross((1, 3, 2), (0, 3, -2)) yields (-12, 2, 3), Cross({1, 3, 2}, {0, 3, -2}) yields {-12, 2, 3}
For 2D vectors or points the result is the z-coordinate of the actual cross product.
Example: Cross((1,2),(4,5)) yields -3.
Note Hint: If a vector in the Menu view cas.svg CAS View contains undefined variables, the command yields a formula for the cross product, e.g. Cross((a, b, c), (d, e, f)) yields (b f - c e, -a f + c d, a e - b d).
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