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The Context Menu provides a quick way to change the behavior or advanced properties of an object. Right click (Mac OS: Ctrl-click) (or long-tap) on an object in order to open its Context Menu. For example, it allows you to change the object’s algebraic notation (e.g. polar or Cartesian coordinates, implicit or explicit equation) and to directly access features like Menu-edit-rename.svg Rename, Menu-edit-delete.svg Delete, Menu-trace-on.svg Trace On and Animation On.

Note: If you open the Context Menu for a point in the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View, it gives you the option Menu-record-to-spreadsheet.svg Record to Spreadsheet (only if the Menu view spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet View is opened). Once selected, this feature allows you to record the coordinates of the point in the Menu view spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet View if it is moved.
Note: Selecting Menu-options.svg Properties in the Context Menu opens the Properties Dialog, where you can change the properties of all objects used.
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