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MTH 606 (Geometry for Secondary School Teachers) - Course Wiki Miami University, Summer 2009

1. Project Topics

Topic Teacher Facilitators (No more than 2 per topic, please)
Ptolemy's Theorem Lara D. and Patty K. (Aug. 10, (8:30-9:30 in lab))
Points of Tangency Stephanie O., Lisa J., Judy B.(Aug. 10, (9:45-10:45 in lab))
Equiradii Theorem Insert Names Here
Nine-point circle Jason R. and Dennis M. (Aug. 11, (8:30-9:30 in lab))
Triangle Constructions Jack K. and Tim P. (Aug. 12, (8:30-9:30 in lab))
The Problem of Apollonius Insert Names Here

2. Links to Applets Module 1 (2 Problems): Task 1 Task 2 Module 2 (Ceva's Theorem): Cevian Sketch

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