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Community News

What you can do:

  • Talk about, teach, spread GeoGebra! Network, go to conferences, help establish new GeoGebra Institutes! We will recognize the efforts of the members of our community who have been the most active, by naming them GeoGebra Ambassadors. You can also nominate someone you know and think should deserve it to become a GG Ambassador. Send your suggestions to!
  • Post, discuss, share online your experiences with GeoGebra! Start a blog, a facebook, twitter, google+ page or just simply share with us any interesting pages you find about GeoGebra on the worldwide web. Click here to submit a page
  • If you tweet about a conference please use the #ggbconf hashtag.

Translation Issues

  • The GeoGebra software is currently available in more than 50 languages, however there are a few versions still missing like Afrikaans, Sinhala, Tajik etc. Other translations would urgently need updating such as Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Dutch, Estonian, Georgian, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Malayalam, Macedonian, Polish, Tamil and Thai.

What you can do: Do your students understand everything? If GeoGebra is not available in your local language, please work with us to find volunteer translators and make GeoGebra accessible for everyone. E-mail Translation

Articles & Materials

We are working on new features of the GeoGebra tube, so that it will be even more useful!
Some nice resources:

What you can do: Please keep on uploading materials! We will include some of the most impressive ones in our newsletters.

GeoGebra in the Media

What you can do: Please let us know if you do any GeoGebra related research activities (writing an article, study, manual, lesson plans etc.) by uploading information here or if it is more convenient by filling out a form here

New Institutes

We would like to hereby welcome our new GeoGebra Institutes:

What you can do:

  • Get inspired! Create your own GI website and let us know about it! Once you have your own site, do not forget to update it with information to serve your local community!
  • Help us extend the GI network! Please let us know at if you know anyone who would be willing to establish a GeoGebra Institute.

Events in autumn

See our Events Map & Calendar and the GeoGebra Conference 2012 Wiki for a complete list of upcoming workshops and conferences as well as for proceedings of past conferences. Oct

  • Oct 3: Introducing and using GeoGebra, Reading , UK
  • Oct 6: GeoGebra Training Day, Prishtina, Kosovo
  • Oct 10-12: NCTM 2012 Regional Conference in Dallas, Texas, US
  • Oct 12: Osijek mini-conference, Osijek, Croatia
  • Oct 18: Introducing and using GeoGebra, York, UK
  • Oct 19-20: Annual meeting of GeoGebra Institute of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
  • Oct 20: GeoGebra Training Day, Gjakova, Kosovo
  • Oct 23: GeoGebra kurs, Sandnes, Norway
  • Oct 24: GeoGebra como instrumento para las Matemáticas Educativas, Acatlán, Mexico
  • Oct 24-26: NCTM 2012 Regional Conference in Hartford, Connecticut, US
  • Oct 25-26: Taller Básico de GeoGebra, Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica
  • Oct 27: GeoGebra Training.Beginners level, Sheffield, UK


  • Nov 6: Geogebra–2D: Das Werkzeug, Steyr-Münichholz, Austria
  • Nov 8-10: Latin-American GeoGebra Conference Uruguay 2012 in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Nov 9: Finnish GeoGebra Network Autumn meeting, Ylöjärvi, Finland
  • Nov 13: GeoGebra kurs, Skiptvedt, Norway
  • Nov 15-17: InfóÉra, Füzesgyarmat, Hungary
  • Nov 16: Introducing and using GeoGebra, Sussex, UK
  • Nov 16-17: VTN 2012 Varga Tamás Módszertani Napok, Budapest, Hungary
  • Nov 19: GeoGebra kurs, Askvoll, Norway
  • Nov 24: GeoGebra Day, Segovia, Spain
  • Nov 24: GeoGebra Training.Intermediate level, Sheffield, UK
  • Nov 28-30: NCTM 2012 Regional Conference Chicago Illinois, US

What you can do:

  1. Please attend and also take a minute to let others know about our events!
  2. It is our goal that GeoGebra appear in every important Math or IT related conferences. We are maintaining a list of those conferences. Represent GeoGebra at one or more of these events!
  3. If you know about a potential conference where GeoGebra should be present , if you need assistance with organizing a conference/workshop or have news for our next newsletter please let us know at

See GeoGebra Newsletters for previous newsletters
Go to GeoGebra User Forum if you have any technical issues or questions! Thank you for your attention!
The GeoGebra Team

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