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Community News

  • GeoGebra for the iPad Project
  • Join us and share your ideas with other members of the community on GeoGebra Conference 2012, 21-23 September in Warsaw, Poland. The registration is still open!
  • We held a very successful pre-conference: GeoGebra ICME Pre-conference 2012 with 160 participants from 32 different countries in Seoul, Korea on Sunday, 8 July, 2012, just one day before ICME 2012. Based on the success we are planning to organise more pre-conferences.
  • The 10 Years of GeoGebra Contest results and materials are available on our facebook page. More contest are coming to celebrate together the Anniversary of GeoGebra!
  • Meet the GeoGebra Ambassadors on Official GeoGebra Blog!
  • New book on GeoGebra! Learning GeoGebra with examples (practice) (따라하며 배우는 지오지브라) by Kyeong Choi, published on the day of GeoGebra Conference pre-ICME 2012.
  • New Milestone on Facebook: we reached the 10.000th like! Follow us and share your ideas!

Development News

GeoGebra 4.2 Release Candidate We have been working very hard over the Summer with testing, adding the last few features and fixing bugs. We need your help to catch the last few bugs, so please install the Release Candidate and try it out! You can install the WebStart version here and the installers are here Some of the highlights of the new version:

Articles & Materials

  • Midwest GeoGebra Journal with new articles, activities, and sketches on GeoGebra. They are currently recruiting volunteers to review manuscripts for the journal for publication in 2012.

Some nice resources on GeoGebra:

and form other sites:

GeoGebra in the Media

New GeoGebra Institutes

  • GeoGebra Institute of Chalimbana, Zambia
  • GeoGebra Institute of NUM, Mongolia
  • GeoGebra Institute ISGEMA, El Salvador
  • GeoGebra Institute of UPT, Romania
  • GeoGebra Institute of Banten Province, Indonesia
  • GeoGebra Institute of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
  • GeoGebra Institute of Okinawa, Japan
  • GeoGebra Institute of San Jorge Gulf, Argentina
  • GeoGebra Institute of CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • GeoGebra Institute of BKF, Budapest, Hungary
  • GeoGebra Institute of Al-Kharazmi, Tehran, Iran
  • GeoGebra Institute of Khuzestan, West of Iran, Iran

More detailed info

Events from summer and in the near future

See our Events Map & Calendar and the GeoGebra Conference 2012 Wiki for a complete list of upcoming workshops and conferences as well as for proceedings of past conferences. June




Other Conferences and Dates

We are maintaining a list of conferences in which it would be helpful if you could represent GeoGebra.


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