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Community News

Development News

GeoGebra 4 Beta News

  • Installers and Portable versions available for testing (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Tessellation using Copy & Paste and the new Vector Polygon Tool
  • New popup to replace the autocomplete in the Input Bar
  • You can now type x(x+1) and a(x+1) without a space / *
  • New Tools "Create List", "Complex Number", "Vector Polygon"
  • Buttons, Input Boxes, Checkboxes, Sliders, Images, Polygons, Texts snap to grid when dragged
  • Textfield Tool renamed to "Input Box"
  • Implicit Curve improvements (including allowing point on)
  • New command Implicit Curve <f(x,y)>
  • New command Identity <Number>
  • MathPiper now totally replaced by MPReduce (faster, more stable)
  • Slider Tool moved
  • List1(n) syntax disabled

GeoGebra in the Media

Tutorials & Materials

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Future Events

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