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Community News

  • You can still register for our International GeoGebra Conference in Austria on 29-31 August 2011 to share ideas with colleagues and be part of the release of GeoGebra 4 and GeoGebra. Final Registration Deadline: July 31
  • Join our Logo Design Contest for the Cambridge GeoGebra Institute and win a GeoGebra T-shirt! The logo should be a combination of DNA and the GeoGebra Logo. Designs will be displayed on the CGI website. Deadline: 31 July.
  • How do you and your students use GeoGebra? Tell us about it and create short videos (30-60sec) using/talking about GeoGebra and send us some photos
  • Would you like to work on GeoGebra full time as a PhD student for 3 years in Linz in Austria? If you are interested, please apply for the "Interactive Math-Sketching Boards" project of Markus Hohenwarter and colleague Michael Haller. Admission deadline: July 15, 2011.

Development News

GeoGebra released: download installers portable Also, the Linux version of GeoGebra Portable has a new start script GeoGebra 4.0 Development News:

  • Efficiency improvements
  • Copy & Paste in the Graphics View
  • Construction Protocol is now in a View (so can be docked and un-docked)
  • You can now put points on Implicit Curves, and Implicit Curves can be transformed and dragged
  • Inverse Fill option extended to Polygons, Curves, Loci
  • Formulas are now displayed "properly" in the Algebra View
  • Drag-and-drop from the Algebra View to the Input Bar and Graphics View
  • Many objects can now be inverted in a circle (polygons, conics, curves, implicit curves)
  • Images can be dragged directly into the Graphics View (from Windows Explorer and some file managers & browsers)
  • Loci can now be made from sliders (as well as from points on paths)

GeoGebra in the Media

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Future Events

See our Events Map & Calendar for a complete list of upcoming workshops and conferences as well as for proceedings of past conferences. July


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