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Community News

  • Register now for our International GeoGebra Conference in Austria on 29-31 August 2011 to share ideas with colleagues and see the release of GeoGebra 4 and GeoGebra. Abstract Deadline: June 15, Registration Deadline: July 1
  • Please vote for GeoGebra at the 250 000 Global Education Challenge. Note: you can vote in 2 steps: you need to subscribe first. Thank you!
  • Join our Logo Design Contest for the Cambridge GeoGebra Institute and win a GeoGebra T-shirt! The logo should be a combination of DNA and the GeoGebra Logo. Designs will be displayed on the CGI website. Deadline: 30 June.
  • Send your GeoGebra applets to Mars - virtually with the help of NASA! Please find more information on our NASA Virtual Magnet page. Deadline: 30 June.

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