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Development News

GeoGebra is part of Google Summer of Code 2010. This means that Google supports 5 students to work on GeoGebra coding projects this summer. We will soon be finalizing the features of the future version GeoGebra 4.0, so now is an excellent time to make suggestions in our user forum. Get GeoGebra with lots of bugfixes and several new features:

  • New applet export where you only get one single html file
  • New point styles (plus, diamond, triangles)
  • Options -> Algebra -> [ Value | Definition | Command ] changes how objects are displayed in the Spreadsheet and Algebra Views
  • \\n inserts a line break in texts, e.g. Text["GeoGebra\\nRocks",(3,4)]
  • Export to Google Gadget and MediaWiki
  • 4 new languages: Albanian, Tamil, Thai, Sinhala taking us to 51 languages

New Institutes

in order of establishment since February 2010:


Past Events

Future events

See our Events Map & Calendar for a complete list of upcoming workshops and conferences. August




GeoGebra will receive the National Technology Leadership Award 2010 this September in Washington D.C., USA, by the National Technology Leadership Coalition


  • Grant for the Nordic GeoGebra Network: The Nordic GeoGebra Institutes have received a 3-year grant from the Nordplus Framework Programme to support teachers and to organise yearly conferences.
  • GeoGebra Summer of Code 2010 supported by Google

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